ForeFlight Introduces New Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver

ForeFlight Introduces New Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver

20-Jul-2017 Source: ForeFlight

ForeFlight, creator of the most innovative and widely used flight planning and electronic flight bag app for Apple iPad and iPhone, today announced the availability of Scout, a portable, dual-band ADS-B receiver that delivers inflight weather and traffic information to the ForeFlight Mobile app in the smallest, most elegant form-factor on the market. Retailing at $199 USD, Scout is the industry’s most affordable off-the-shelf ADS-B In solution.

Customers can purchase Scout at the ForeFlight exhibit (Hangar C) at this year’s EAA AirVenture or online at Amazon.

“We are excited to bring Scout to market in collaboration with uAvionix,” said Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight co-founder and CEO. “We want every pilot flying with the benefits of ADS-B In. The combination of an ADS-B In solution with ForeFlight makes flying safer and we believe has led to a meaningful reduction in weather related incidents and accidents. We are delighted to now offer – for those pilots and operators on a limited budget – a low-cost option that will increase the number of pilots who can fly with this essential safety-enhancing capability. Inflight weather and traffic delivers better situational awareness and leads to better decision making.”

“Our vision at uAvionix is to bring the safety benefits of ADS-B to the world at a scale not previously possible,” said Paul Beard, uAvionix founder and CEO. “This partnership with ForeFlight to bring Scout to cockpits everywhere helps to fulfill that vision and make skies safer for all airspace users.”

ForeFlight teamed up with Palo Alto-based uAvionix to design and manufacture Scout. Scout has an ultra-compact form factor at 84mm x 21mm x 8mm (3.4in x 0.8in x 0.3in) and weighs-in at 17 grams. The dual ADS-B antennas are optimized for 978 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies and are integrated into the casing to create Scout’s compact design. The traffic awareness capability functions worldwide.

Scout is easy to setup and use – there’s no hardware to assemble, no software to download, nothing to configure. Simply position on any window surface using Scout’s flexible ball-joint and suction cup mounting system, plug into a power source, and go fly. Scout can be powered using any 5 volt Micro-USB power source, including existing USB chargers installed in aircraft or rechargeable USB batteries.

Customers can connect their iPad or iPhone directly to Scout’s integrated Wi-Fi network and receive inflight subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic information displayed exclusively on the ForeFlight Mobile app. Scout supports up to four devices as well as Cockpit Sharing, a feature that enables users to easily share routes between all devices on Scout’s network. It’s perfect for a co-pilot or CFI to follow-along and monitor weather and traffic.

Scout supports the full range of FIS-B weather and data, including animated regional and CONUS NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, AIR/SIGMETs, PIREPs, winds and temps aloft, TFRs, NOTAMs, and SUA information. Scout can also receive air-to-air traffic information from ADS-B Out equipped aircraft and re-broadcast traffic information (ADS-R and TIS-B) from FAA ground towers. Customers should keep in mind that if their aircraft is not equipped with ADS-B Out, then they will have a limited view of traffic on ForeFlight.

Over-the-air firmware updates are delivered through ForeFlight Mobile and completed in a matter of seconds, future-proofing Scout and ensuring it remains a cockpit resource for a long time to come.

All ForeFlight subscription plans support connectivity with Scout. Customers can purchase Scout at the ForeFlight exhibit (Hangar C) at this year’s EAA AirVenture or online at Amazon.

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