Eagle Strengthens Customer Support Capabilities in Australasia

Eagle Strengthens Customer Support Capabilities in Australasia

25-Jul-2017 Source: Eagle Copters

At Eagle Australasia, we continually strive to expand our capabilities and intern our ability to provide expert support and service to the industry.
We are excited to announce BLR Aerospace has recognised Eagle Australasia as an industry expert in the world of Bell Helicopters by appointing us BLR Distributors for Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand – continuing to strengthen aircraft support for customers in the Asia Pacific.
Eagle represents BLR Fastfin® System for the Bell 204, 205, 212, 412 and UH1 models as well as the Dual Tailboom Strakes for the Bell 206 Series including the Bell OH-58 and Agusta Bell Models.
Eagle’s team of skilled personnel are highly experienced at installing both the Fastfin System as well as the Dual Tailboom Strake and are ready and willing to support with both the acquisition and installation of BLR products for your fleet. With the performance gains realised by installation of your BLR product, there’s no looking back.
No wonder NASA Aerodynamicist Henry Kelly says FastFin is – without a doubt – “the single-most important performance modification in the history of helicopters”.
With over 26 years of experience in the industry, BLR is another service Eagle Australia CEO, Grant Boyter is proud to offer his customers to enhance productivity, profitability and safety by reducing pilot workload and fatigue.
“We look forward to continuing to work closely with BLR Aerospace and supporting our customers. It’s our primary focus to ensure that our customers fly and we take care of the rest.”
Eagle Australasia also offers state-of-the art customisation, aircraft refurbishment and aftermarket accessories, combined with personalised service, sales and leasing.

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