Bristow vocalise current H225 thought process

Bristow vocalise current H225 thought process

15-Aug-2017 Source: SeekingAlpha

In a recent investor call, Jonathan Baliff – President and CEO of Bristow Group – said the following on the company’s position on the Airbus H225 helicopter and their current plans for its Return To Service.

“You may be aware that the civil aviation authorities in the United Kingdom and Norway recently issued directives that outline specific conditions for allowing the Airbus H225 to return to full commercial service. But I want to emphasize, aircraft operations with our remaining 27 H225s remain suspended globally. Bristow is going to be very cautious, very deliberate, and very methodical as we develop and implement a return to service, or RTS, for the H225. We will complete an extensive safety case before any flight takes place, even test flights. And we are committed to collaborating with HeliOffshore, our clients, and our passengers and their unions as part of any RTS plan.

Let me be straightforward, as of today, there is not a lot of demand for the Airbus H225 to conduct offshore transportation missions, mostly because of macro oil and gas marketing conditions, and the understandable concern over the aircraft in transport mode by our oil and gas clients, especially in the North Sea. Bristow believes [indiscernible] will see more demand, but our immediate priority is to ready four aircraft for their planned return to the leasing companies during this fiscal year per the least redelivery requirements. In compliance with regulatory directives, Bristow has begun redelivery work on the aircraft, which includes preparation for flight testing.

But I repeat, such flight testing may only happen after a cautious, deliberate, and methodical safety case is approved by Bristow’s skilled and experience safety fleet and operations executives, and their respective civil aviation authorities. Again, I want to be absolutely clear, prior to resuming any Airbus H225 flight operations Bristow will collaborate with Airbus, HeliOffshore, and other key industry stakeholders. In addition, when it comes to Airbus we continue to model all litigation, and are exploring all options with that company.”

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