Altitude Air accept new Airbus H125

Altitude Air accept new Airbus H125

24-Aug-2017 Source: Aviation Nepal

Altitude Air the newly introduced heli operator company has successfully completed the acceptance of its new AS 350 B3e (H125) chopper on August 21, 2017 at Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia and is planning to start its operation in Nepali aviation industry shortly.

According to the officials from Altitude Air, the company has successfully completed the acceptance process of the factory made AS 350 B3e helicopter and is preparing to start the flight operation. The factory made helicopter was allocated with a temporary registration ‘F-WTCE’ at its Airbus hangar facility at Singapore and will acquire a new Registration ‘9N-AMS’ from CAAN to operate in Nepal. The company officials and technical team is now on the process of bring the chopper to Nepal from Singapore as a ferry flight, noted the officials from Altitude Air.

The aircraft is a new version of the AS 350 B3e series with fully integrated Glass Cockpit which is expected to land Nepal on either 1st or 2nd of September after flying from Singapore.

The respective company is a very young company established on 2016 which has fastened its seat belt to debut in Nepal aviation industry introducing European manufactured helicopter AS 350 B3e, which seems very efficient for the country like Nepal where most active companies are operating their flights with same series of helicopters and is on the pipeline to add on the existing fleet at present.

The company has planned to add next Koala series helicopter, the new series helicopter after the success of the second AS 350 B3e in its fleet as it has successfully conducted demonstration.
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