First Ansat starts EMS work in Pskov Region of Russia

First Ansat starts EMS work in Pskov Region of Russia

28-Sep-2017 Source: PBC

[electronic translation] In the Pskov region opened a new Russian helicopter “ANSAT” medical module (RA-20007 tail number), which became the first helicopter ambulance new generation in the region. The machine is supplied in accordance with the program of development of air ambulance in Russia, its operator is the company ZAO “Russian Helicopter Systems.” The helicopter will be used on the basis of GBU “Pskov Regional Hospital.” 

Medical “ANSAT” can significantly improve the quality of emergency medical care in the Pskov region. According to statistics, in the last 7 months of this year, the mortality rate in the region from external causes decreased by 20% compared to the previous year, while the use of modern medical helicopter is certainly a positive impact on the further improvement of these indicators. 

The development of air ambulance in the Pskov region has a high value because of the geographical features, as well as the uneven population density and inadequate-developed transport infrastructure. These factors make it difficult to provide emergency medical assistance to traditional road transport. 

Through the use of the helicopter “ANSAT” with modern medical unit, the medical team will be able not only to carry out the planned patient transport, but also, in extreme cases, as soon as possible to arrive at the desired point of the Pskov region, to assist and to evacuate to a medical facility capable of providing most effective treatment. Medical evacuation with the helicopter is particularly important for the victims of accidents, casualties and accidents in patients with acute heart attacks and strokes, as well as to help children.


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