Nord Helikopter praises Auk protection suits

Nord Helikopter praises Auk protection suits

20-Oct-2017 Source: AUK Protection

Nord Helikopter A/S is a hard working operator who covers the extreme north of Scandinavia. Constructing and maintaining public infrastructure in this remote and dramatic terrain requires true versatility, and Nord Helikopter is putting its fleet of nine AS350/H-125 to good use.

Flight Operations Manager Øystein Skovro shares his views operating in the extreme north, and why they prefer to fly in the AUK Protection G1 flightsuit:

  • Power line construction makes up about seventy percent of our missions. But we do a lot of cool things like checking up on light houses for the coastal administration, and haul stones for the Nepalese sherpa teams who come here every summer to keep the hiking trails in order. They are really cool guys!
  • Between the fjords, the snowy peaks and the open ocean, this is truly a spectacular region to fly in. The scenery makes it a major draw for Hollywood type movie productions, and sometimes these aerial photo ops are so massive we have to team up with other operators to bring up capacity.
  • I am very pleased with our AUK Protection flight suits. Not only because they are functional, but also because they seem to empower our crew. A flight suit designed specifically for what we do, together with the company logotype and insignia, really adds an air of pride and professionalism. And this is something I really believe in.
  • We’ve got seventeen pilots on the payroll, but seasonally we’re boosted by several highly competent freelancers. In total, the operations department employ about thirty six people. I’m extremely proud of our crew, as we have a collective aggregate of experience that few can match. Our most senior pilot flew his first solo mission in sixty nine!

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