Russian Helicopters delivers first batch of Mi-8AMTSh

Russian Helicopters delivers first batch of Mi-8AMTSh

20-Nov-2017 Source: Russian Helicopters

[electronic translation] The Helicopters of Russia (part of the Rostekh State Corporation) delivered the first batch of multipurpose military transport helicopters Mi-8AMTSh produced by the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant to the newly created Federal Service of the Russian National Guard. Machines have already arrived at their home base and proceeded to carry out combat duty.

“Holding” Helicopters of Russia “continues to equip the state aviation of special purpose with new helicopter equipment.Military-transport helicopters MI-8AMTSH, transferred by Rosgvardia, are equipped with modern equipment that allows to fulfill tasks assigned to the department in the round-the-clock mode to ensure public order and public security, terrorism, protection of important state facilities and assistance to border authorities in protecting the state border “- з He revealed Deputy General Director of the holding “Russian Helicopters” Sales Vladislav Savelyev.

Military transport helicopters Mi-8AMTSH combine combat, search and rescue and transport functions, which guarantees aviation support to the units of Rosgvardia when performing any kind of tasks.

The machines delivered to the customer are equipped with modern radio-communication and flight-navigation equipment. To improve the accuracy and safety of navigation, helicopters have a satellite navigation system. In addition, the aircraft is adapted to use night vision goggles, which allows you to fly in night conditions at extremely low altitudes, as well as take offs and landings from unmarked sites.

The main fuel tanks are filled with polyurethane foam, which prevents the explosion of fuel from the bullets of small arms, and additional fuel tanks placed in the cargo cabin increase the range of the helicopter to 1,065 km. The increase in the protection of helicopters in the performance of combat missions was achieved due to the installed set of easily removable armored plates, the presence of a device for the ejection of thermal traps UV-26M and equipment for setting up IR interference.

Shtvornevye installations for personal weapons paratroopers in the left and right sliding doors, folding blisters, as well as the stern PKT machine gun in the enlarged central hatch of the cargo doors allow fire from both sides and the rear hemisphere of the helicopter.

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