New ultralight Micron helicopter to be on display at HeliRussia 2018

New ultralight Micron helicopter to be on display at HeliRussia 2018

21-Mar-2018 Source: HeliRussia

Among the range of various new products at the anniversary HeliRussia expo last year, one model raised special interest from visitors: a prototype of an ultralight helicopter Micron with coaxial rotor system. Its developer, the RD-HELI company, actively worked in the past year on this aircraft design and will showcase a new version of Micron at HeliRussia 2018.
The new 3rd Micron prototype has a new 73 hp. rotary engine, which provides additional lift while idling and maneuvering in the air. The new power plant led to changes in gearbox and transmission design.
The new model is distinguished by an improved fuselage layout with a mass production in mind. It allows to install a cowling of the cabin and has a new instrument panel. These improvements are to make Micron piloting more convenient.
Based on the new version of Micron, the amphibian modification is being developed. Instead of the standard wheeled chassis it has 650 liters floats, that allows the helicopter to take off from water surface and land on it. RD-HELI is also developing an unmanned and two-seated model of Micron.
An important step in the Micron program is the introduction of a full-scale training simulator. Thanks to the use of a special mobile platform the simulator has all degrees of freedom and allows to simulate all the basic elements of pilot training.
The new Micron prototype as well other RD-HELI developments will be presented from May 24 to 26 at the HeliRussia 2018 expo held in Pavilion 3 Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow, Russia.

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