Genesys Aerosystems Delivers over 1,000 HeliSAS Systems

Genesys Aerosystems Delivers over 1,000 HeliSAS Systems

23-Mar-2018 Source: Genesys Aerosystem

Genesys Aerosystems celebrated today the 1,000th delivery of its HeliSAS Stability Augmentation System and Two-Axis Autopilot to an EMS operator of an Airbus EC130T2.

Genesys Aerosystems’ Helicopter Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System (HeliSAS) is the leading autopilot certified for light and medium rotorcraft. This affordable system greatly improves safety, dramatically reduces pilot workload, and provides unprecedented levels of control and confidence in the cockpit, especially in inadvertent IMC conditions. Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS delivers life-saving technology, backed by responsive personalized service.

Designed to be on all the time, HeliSAS helps return the helicopter back to straight and level in the event it is inadvertently flown into an extreme attitude or if a pilot becomes disoriented due to a loss of visual references. HeliSAS also features Two-Axis autopilot capabilities, such as lateral (GPS, VOR and LOC) and vertical modes (GPS VNAV, VS, ALT). Combing both stability and autopilot functions leads to increased pilot confidence to focus on other tasks.

“This is an astounding achievement, and proof that the helicopter industry is recognizing the impact HeliSAS has on lowering helicopter accident rates” said Jamie Luster, Director of Marketing and Sales. “Genesys is committed to producing safety-enhancing avionics, and providing customers the heightened level of support required from operators with air medical missions,” Luster added.

With the HeliSAS safety-enhancing features and workload reducing autopilot functions, it’s no surprise that it is a popular choice among the Air Medical operators. Over 25% of the 1,000 deliveries help keep air ambulance operators and their patients safe.

The HeliSAS system was patented (Patent number 7,108,232) in 2006 and first certified in 2010 in the Bell 407. Since then, Genesys has added the Bell 206, Airbus Helicopters EC120B, EC130B4, EC130T2 (H130), AS350 (H125), Robinson R44 and R66 to its HeliSAS STC list.

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