EASA issues STC for AS350/AS355 automatically deployable ELT built by SPAES

EASA issues STC for AS350/AS355 automatically deployable ELT built by SPAES

11-Jul-2018 Source: SPAES

SPAES GmbH & Co. KG installed with KMN Koopmann

Helicopter GmbH a releasable Emergency Locator Transmitter (automatic

deployable-ELT) in helicopter airbus AS355 and AS350.


According to the new requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

for offshore operation, which are realised by the German Federal Aviation Authority

(Luftfahrt-Bundesamt LBA), SPAES installed with KMN an automatic releasable

Emergency Locator Transmitter (AD-ELT) at the lower fuselage of the airframe which

is important for offshore operation. “In contrast to common standard transmitter,

which are installed inside of the helicopter, this AD-ELT transmitter swims on the

water in case of ditching and continues transmitting the location data”, explains

Joachim Kies, Head of Operative Business of SPAES.


The operation and the manually dropping off will be achieved by an unit which is

installed in the cockpit.

Furthermore the system has a water- and acceleration sensor. In case of a rigid

impact or if water flows in the helicopter, the transmitter will be automatically dropped



The modification of the system was realized in the own maintenance organization of

KMN. “An EASA Supplement Type Certificate (STC) was implemented for the

installation. SPAES designed the required installation and test documents”, said

Joachim Schanz, Chief Executive Officer of SPAES. The tests for the verification

were realised on site with the customer.


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