Rosaviation approves BARK-6V control systems on Klimov engines

Rosaviation approves BARK-6V control systems on Klimov engines

27-Sep-2018 Source: Klimov

[electronic translation] JSC “ODK-Klimov” received a certificate from Rosaviatsia about the suitability of the newest BARK-6V

In the certificate of the Federal Air Transport Agency, it is certified that the type of component parts is approved for the installation of aviation equipment and meets the requirements of the qualification basis.

BARK-6V successfully passed the necessary amount of checks and tests, which is certified by an independent inspection of JSC “ODK-Klimov”. This system is used and operated on samples of aviation equipment in accordance with the limitations established by the developer’s design and operational documentation.

BARC are digital automatic control systems for engines that perform both control and monitoring functions and, through the use of special algorithms, increase the reliability of engines, reduce fuel consumption and reduce the overall weight of the structure

BARK-6V – automatic control and monitoring unit with full responsibility (FADEC) – is designed for automatic control and monitoring of the TV7-117V engine, which is part of the Mi-38 helicopter power plant, for advanced equipment.

The main functions of the BARK-6V are the control of engine start-up, its operation mode, limitation of engine performance limits, its protection against possible failures, provision of automatic engine output to high-power modes, and monitoring of the state of the engine and its systems.

BARK-6V allows to increase the resource of the hot part of the engine, the reserves of gas-dynamic stability of the engine in the variable modes and evolution of the aircraft, adapt the engine control to external conditions, provide the necessary depth of engine control for its operation in technical condition, significantly reduce the mass and volume of aggregates of the electronic part of the system and connecting cables of aircraft.

This component product belongs to category A and meets the qualification requirements of KT-160D. Serially produced in St. Petersburg at the enterprise JSC “ODK-Klimov”. The projected designated resource BARK-6V is 12000 hours, the assigned service life is 25 years. Weight BARK-6V – no more than 5 kg, dimensions: 360h235h80 mm, power consumption: no more than 40 W.

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