1st H125 delivered with BLR FastFin kit

1st H125 delivered with BLR FastFin kit

22-Oct-2018 Source: Airbus Helicopters

The first H125 equipped with the “Supplemental Type Certificate” (STC) BLR FastFin directly installed by Airbus on the assembly line was delivered to Heli-Austria.

Thanks’ to the partnership signed with BLR Aerospace, Airbus Helicopters is now proposing the BLR FastFin Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System as an option or a retrofit for its H125 aircraft.

As an option on a new aircraft, the customer will benefit from an integrated solution with an aircraft immediately ready for operations at its delivery. The BLR FastFin is providing outstanding performances in high and hot conditions by reducing the power required by the tail rotor, both for flight efficiency and flight experience:

• Improvement up to 10% in pedal margins

• Reduction in the pilot workload

• Enhancement of the stability and handling of the aircraft

• Increase of the Useful Load depending of the mission, (e.g. in aerial work external load mission)
+7.0% useful load at 10 000ft, ISA+15, half fuel
+6.0% useful load at 3 000ft, ISA+15, full fuel

Thanks to those benefits and particularly to the increased useful load, the payback is 2.5 to 3.5 years for most of the missions.

Airbus Helicopters proposes also this solution as a retrofit for in service fleet, with both the kit supply and the installation within the Airbus Helicopters network.

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