Southeast Asian countries to get acquainted with the latest VK-2500PS-03

Southeast Asian countries to get acquainted with the latest VK-2500PS-03

26-Nov-2018 Source: Klimov

[Electronic Translation] Customers from South-East Asia will be able to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of VK-2500PS-03 – the newest Russian turboshaft engine, created by ODK-Klimov JSC.

Two engines of this type are part of the powerplant of the Mi-171A2 helicopter, which takes part in a demonstration tour of the Russian Helicopters holding company in a number of Southeast Asian countries – Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

VK-2500PS-03 is the latest modification of the VK-2500 engine with improved performance characteristics. It uses the most advanced digital electronic control and monitoring system with FADEC feedback. Implemented anti-surge protection, eliminating the possibility of engine failure. This will give the Mi-17 helicopters fundamentally new opportunities for their operation in high-altitude areas and areas with a hot climate. Since 2017, engines of this type are mass-produced by the enterprise-developer of ODK-Klimov JSC in St. Petersburg.

A demonstration tour of Southeast Asian countries, in which the Mi-171A2 helicopter takes part, passes along a route of almost 5 thousand kilometers, which passes through Hanoi (Vietnam), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). As part of the tour, demonstration flights are provided, as well as events for partners and potential operators, during which they will be able to familiarize themselves with the key advantages of Russian helicopters and their after-sales service system.

The VK-2500PS-03 engine was presented by the UEC at the Airshow China 2018 Aviation Exhibition held from 6 to 11 November in the Chinese city of Zhuhai. During the exhibition, a press conference of the Russian Helicopters holding took place on a demonstration tour. Alexander Vatagin, Executive Director of ODK-Klimov, JSC told media representatives about the advantages of VK-2500PS-03.

“This engine is a continuation of the famous series of engines TV3-117, this is its deep modernization,” said Alexander Vatagin. – The main structural difference between VK-2500PS-03 is the presence of a digital control system such as FADEC. The overhaul resource is twice as high as that of its predecessors. We plan to increase the assigned resource to 12 thousand hours. Today, the engine has a certificate from the aviation authorities of Russia, and work is underway to validate it in China. ”

The Executive Director of the ODK-Klimov also noted the possibility of re-equipment during the overhaul of the engines TV3-117 and VK-2500 into the newest VK-2500PS-03.

Crucial for operators VK-2500PS-03 will be able to control the engine resource depending on the specific operating conditions instead of the previously existing averaged approach to resource assessment. The technical solutions applied by the designers of “ODK-Klimov” in VK-2500PS-03, allow to accurately determine the real state of the engine, which in turn excludes the influence of the human factor.

The Mi-171A2 helicopter, the most modern modification of the Mi-8/17/171 helicopters, in addition to the new engine with a digital control system, is equipped with a more efficient H-shaped steering screw and a new main rotor with composite blades and an improved aerodynamic profile. Indicators of the cruising and maximum speed of the Mi-171A2 relative to the mass-produced helicopters of the type Mi-8/17 increased by 10%, and payload – by 25%. The use of the Mi-171A2 helicopter of a modern digital complex of on-board equipment KBO-17, made according to the “glass cockpit” principle, made it possible to reduce the crew to two people. The helicopter provides transportation of passengers and is offered in the transport, passenger and VIP versions.

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