Airbus exhibits H125 in Chile

Airbus exhibits H125 in Chile

10-Jan-2019 Source: Airbus Helicopters

[electronic translation] Airbus exhibited at the Cachagua Golf Open its single-engine light helicopter H125 (formerly known as AS350B3), in a multirrol-executive version, especially focused on the segment of corporate and VIP users, who are looking for versatile helicopters, with low costs of operation and that allow to operate in different environments such as the desert, coastal areas, mountain range or cities.

To serve this segment of corporate users, Airbus has developed the Airbus Corporate Helicopters brand, especially focused on providing helicopters with exclusive and customizable cabins. Likewise, to satisfy a particularly demanding clientele, Airbus offers a wide range of support and maintenance services directly in Chile, in the modern facilities of the manufacturer in Tobalaba.

The H125 stands out for its unsurpassed performance, power, agility and versatility to reach any corner and peak of the country, and adapt to all types of missions. It has a cabin with easy and wide access, flat and versatile floor that allows a quick reconfiguration, without limitations to transport 5/6 passengers who can share and enjoy the outside view. Thanks to its architecture and design, with a main rotor and fuel tank mounted behind the cabin, the flight is safe and pleasant with very low level of vibration and noise. It has 3 cargo compartments and can carry up to two external baskets to transport large weights and volumes.

On its outstanding features, the H125 has an advanced avionics that includes a digital and ergonomic instrument panel that reduces the workload of the pilot. Along with this, it is also characterized by its silent operation -which allows it to work without problems in the city- and by its cruising speed (155 knots) and autonomy of more than 4.5 hours.

The H125 belongs to the Ecureuil family of helicopters, of which more than 6000 units have been delivered worldwide, having accumulated 32 million flight hours. In Chile, there are currently more than 40 units operating in all types of missions, preferred for the most demanding missions thanks to its extraordinary proven performance, carrying out heli-ski missions every winter, rescues in the highest peaks of the Andes and enjoying the experience of to have been the only helicopter to land on the summit of Everest at 8850 meters.

The H125 is a perfect solution for customers looking for the perfect combination of maximum performance, versatility, comfort, safety and low cost operation.

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