Baker Aviation Expands HOT-STOP Fire Containment Presence in South America

Baker Aviation Expands HOT-STOP Fire Containment Presence in South America

5-Mar-2019 Source: Baker Aviation

Baker Aviation, the master distributor for the HOT-STOP® ’L’ Fire Containment Kits, recently named Jaguar Aviation of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Aero Consulting of São Paulo, Brazil, as its new product representatives in South America.

“We look forward to working with Jaguar Aviation and Aero Consulting to provide this region with our proven HOT-STOP ‘L’ fire containment solution,” stated Ray Goyco, Jr., President, and COO for Baker Aviation Maintenance. “Both Ruben Primak and Tulio Brandao have fostered extensive relationships over the years within their aviation communities, and I am confident they will be successful at educating operators about the threat of lithium battery fires and how our revolutionary fireproof solution will help them eliminate this threat.”

Jaguar Aviation has been in existence since 1997 with the purpose of supporting rotary and fixed wing aircraft in multiple South American countries, and they are dedicated to providing spare parts, rental, and sales services of various aircraft and engines to the aviation market. Jaguar Aviation will represent the HOT-STOP ‘L’ lithium battery fire containment product line in Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Chile, and Paraguay.

Jaguar Aviation President, Mr. Ruben Primak commented, “Ray and the Baker Aviation team are pioneers in this market, and they have done a fantastic job at bringing awareness to the industry about the dangerous risk of lithium battery fires existing on business and commercial jets today. We are excited about the opportunity of providing a superior safety containment solution to the South American aviation community.”

Principal and founder of Aero Consulting in Brazil, Mr. Tulio S. Brandao is an executive business developer with over 45 years of aerospace industry experience in sales, marketing, and managing programs for local and international businesses.  Mr. Brandao’s extensive background includes leadership roles with Embraer, TAM, Bell Helicopter, and Lider Aviation, among others.

Mr. Brandao remarked, “I am excited to be representing such a highly regarded and proven safety product to the Brazilian aviation market and look forward to providing this fire containment solution to commercial and business aviation operators throughout the region.”

Both companies will work to promote and equip aircraft operators with HOT-STOP ‘L’ fire containment kits that are a light-weight solution which quickly eliminates the risk of personal electronic device (PED) battery fires and contains 100% of toxic smoke, associated gas emissions, and potential explosions onboard aircraft. Proven and tested by a FAA-Registered laboratory to be FIREPROOF as defined by Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR 1.1), HOT-STOP successfully demonstrated this with the FAA (AC20-135) test procedure that includes 2000°F powerplant fire penetration for 15 minutes.

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