Safran, HeliDax and AMS team up

Safran, HeliDax and AMS team up

12-Mar-2019 Source: Safran Electronics & Defense

HeliDax, AMS (Aircraft Maintenance Systems) and Safran Electronics & Defense signed a letter of intent to collaborate on a complete digital chain based on the Cassiopée range of flight data analysis services. This new solution will be a world first for helicopters.

The partnership between Safran, HeliDax and AMS focuses on the implementation of a complete, automated digital flight data processing chain that will connect Cassiopée to each operator’s MIS. Alongside this planned collaboration, Safran is in talks with HeliDax to connect its HeliSafe flight data recorder to the Maintenance Information System (MIS) from AMS.

Cassiopée fully automates the management and collection of all the data captured before, during and after each flight, which is downlinked wirelessly to a tablet after landing, eliminating the risk of human error. The Cassiopée suite from Safran makes sure that operators have the accurate, contextualized information they need. As well as reducing operating costs, this arrangement will improve flight safety by analyzing safety-related events. Operators can therefore maximize helicopter availability by the timely scheduling of maintenance services.

HeliDax was chosen by the French government in 2008 to supply and service a fleet of thirty-six EC120B Colibri helicopters for the basic and advanced training of French military helicopter pilots. HeliDax uses the MIS developed by AMS to manage the airworthiness of its helicopters, including the thirty-six EC120Bs, which fly an average of 22,000 hours each year.

Joel Baudon, HeliDax Technical Director, commented: “Automated maintenance data capture is an integral part of what we do at HeliDax and a key facet of our innovation strategy since 2012. It keeps maintenance teams informed of any faults or failures on the helicopter in real time and tells them exactly what data they need to analyze. Building Cassiopée into our overall strategy will help us minimize repair turnaround times and further improve flight safety.”

Jean-Marc Roquelaure, President and CEO of AMS parent company Reactis, added: “With its 30 years of practical experience in all aspects of aircraft maintenance, AMS, a Reactis company, is constantly striving to optimize operations for its 280 customers and is delighted to be working with Safran and HeliDax on this innovative project.”

Reflecting its strategy of developing new data-driven services, Safran is now addressing the needs of helicopter fleet operators and paving the way for more sophisticated data analysis methods for the benefit of its customers.

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