CAMP Systems and Hillsboro Establish Partnership

CAMP Systems and Hillsboro Establish Partnership

18-Mar-2019 Source: Hillsboro Aviation

CAMP Systems International, Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered a partnership with Hillsboro Aviation through which CAMP is now the exclusive provider of maintenance tracking services for the Hillsboro fleet and the customers who use Hillsboro as their maintenance facility.

“CAMP is excited and honored to partner with Hillsboro, and to provide services for Hillsboro and their operators. By leveraging Quantum Control MRO and logistics software by Component Control, A CAMP Company, to enhance agility and responsiveness of aviation management and CAMP Maintenance for regulatory compliance management, we are able to provide Hillsboro with a unique, integrated full-service ecosystem which will substantially increase Hillsboro’s ability to provide best-in-class services to its customers,” stated Brian Driscoll, Director, Rotor Aircraft Health Management at CAMP. “CAMP has made a substantial investment in developing a product that ensures helicopter operators experience the same high level of service, quality and usability that thousands of fixed wing aircraft operators have been receiving over the past 50 years from CAMP.”
“Hillsboro Aviation is thrilled to partner with CAMP to adopt CAMP’s innovative maintenance tracking system. The synergy between CAMP, Quantum Control ERP and Hillsboro Aviation enables us to provide unparalleled service for both our own fleet and our customers’– a benefit granting increased visibility and value to any aircraft owner/operator,” said Ryan McCartney, Vice President/COO of Hillsboro Aviation.
The newly formed partnership will enable industry leading support and technology for Hillsboro and their operators as they maintain and meet the complex compliance demands of their helicopters. CAMP service benefits include:
• Fully automatic penalty calculation tool for all life limited parts
• Constant review and implementation of maintenance manual revisions, service bulletins, and regulatory airworthiness directives
• Direct support from a CAMP analyst with expertise in specific aircraft makes and models
• Complete maintenance history with electronic Flight Log
Hillsboro’s use of Quantum Control to manage their operation allows the organization and, in turn, its customers to benefit from:
• Increased performance with intuitive tools such as EDI, CRM, Mobile Device capability, Customer Portals, and more
• Enhanced reliability and stability with Oracle database engine powering operational functions
• Improved efficiency and streamlined decision-making with comprehensive analytics and KPI’s
• CAMP CONNECT integrated solution enables seamless transfer of data between the Quantum and CAMP applications providing improved efficiency and data accuracy, increased quality control and quicker RFQ turnaround

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