VFS EuroTec Receives FAA Validation for EC130 TrueBlue Main Ship Battery STC

VFS EuroTec Receives FAA Validation for EC130 TrueBlue Main Ship Battery STC

28-Mar-2019 Source: VFS EuroTec

Helicopter operators flying popular EC130/H130 series aircraft now have further access to the newest technology in main battery solutions.

Vertical Flight Solutions by EuroTec has received validation of its Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its kit incorporating True Blue Power’s TB17 (17 amp-hour) Advanced Lithium-ion Battery into Airbus EC130/H130 helicopters.

The company reports it will pursue European EASA and other approvals for the battery kit, further expanding access to this exciting technology.

Key features of this innovative integration and power solution include ultra-light weight, straightforward install including NVIS compatible cockpit switch/annunciator, less maintenance and overall reduced life-cycle operating costs compared with traditional lead acid and Ni-Cad batteries.

A simplified two-year maintenance regimen is an advantage in comparison to the typical six-month OEM battery.

“We continue to be excited to work with True Blue Power to offer a main ship battery solution utilizing their proven Lithium-ion technology, representing the next generation of aircraft batteries,” states Adam Boyko, EuroTec’s Avionics and Design Manager.
The batteries are lighter, more powerful and feature ‘smart pack technology’ which senses voltage, current, temperature and incorporates a health monitoring system.
Integrated heating technology enhances cold weather starting reliability, and intelligent battery monitoring is accomplished with standard cockpit indication feature.

“Thousands of True Blue Power lithium-ion batteries have been delivered to customers around the globe,” said Erik Ritzman, Director of True Blue Power. “Proprietary Nanophosphate® lithium-ion cell chemistry delivers a superior, high-performance product that is significantly smaller and lighter than competing batteries.”

Thanks to this design, True Blue Power batteries also provide increased power during start sequences, with higher nominal output voltage.

The built-in heater is a key benefit for cold weather operators; press the cockpit switch during pre-flight and the battery readies itself for operation.
“This FAA STC validation brings trusted, leading lithium-ion battery solutions to a key operator group,” states EuroTec Director of Sales and Business Development Paul Ross Jr. “We look forward to helping solve the power and budget challenges faced daily by air medical, tour and VIP operators.”

EuroTec also stated Vertical Flight Solutions is in design and development phase of integrating high-capacity True Blue Power Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries into the Airbus AS350 series and H135 series helicopters as well as other commercial helicopter models.

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