Oceania Aviation Prepare Right Hand H125/AS350 Cargo Pod

Oceania Aviation Prepare Right Hand H125/AS350 Cargo Pod

14-May-2019 Source: Oceania Aviation

Oceania Aviation are proud to announce that their manufacturing division, Airborne Systems, have been approved as an Airbus Supplier and are in the final stages of achieving a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) amendment for their Cargo Pod, allowing its use on the right-hand side of H125/AS350 series helicopters.

Airborne Systems have been supplying H125/AS350 operators with their cargo pod following its first New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZCAA) certification in 2011. It has since achieved STC approval by Transport Canada (TC) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Russell Goulden, General Manager of Airborne Systems, Oceania Aviation states, “We have complete confidence in our cargo pod and the commercial value it brings to an operation. Since our FAA STC, Airbus USA and NZ have purchased several of our cargo pods over the last year, resulting in our approval as an official supplier. Our next step was to make our cargo pod available for both sides of the H125 and we are actively working on this with flight tests set for the end of this month. A very skilled and accomplished CASA Approved Flight Test Delegate who has attended the Empire Test Pilot School in UK will be completing these. Our experience with cargo pods goes as far back as the 1990s for the AS350, AS355 and BK117, making us confident in the outcome.”

The cargo pod has been specifically designed to provide optimum user experience. Produced from light weight material, it is “pilot-removeable”, reduces drag due to its aerodynamic design and protects its contents from the elements. A single cargo pod offers 120 kgs/ 265 lbs extra capacity and the new STC amendment will allow operators to optimise their carrying capacity with functionality by choosing between three configurations; left-hand only, right-hand only and both sides.

Flight testing the right-hand cargo pod is set for the 27th of May. There are future plans to certify the pod for the EC130B4, Bell 205, Bell 212, Bell 412.

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