Savback partners with Rotorsgroup to market ultra-light helicopters globally

Savback partners with Rotorsgroup to market ultra-light helicopters globally


For over twenty years, Savback Helicopters, has been known in the helicopter industry to deliver helicopters to the most discerning customers. As possibilities of flying helicopters are changing, Savback Helicopters is delighted to announce its new partnership with GC Rotorsgroup s.r.l. to bring their ultra-light helicopters to a global audience.

Ultra-Light helicopters are going to revolutionize the way we think of flying. As countries are realigning their regulations, the possibilities are changing, and the market is ready for the next step in personal flight convenience.

Using the latest mechanical and avionics technologies, combined with the experience of proven and talented aeronautical designers, engineers and craftsmen, GC Rotorsgroup s.r.l. has delivered the next-generation ultra-light helicopters. Savback is proud and enthusiastic to be able to share this new technology with the world.

“GC ROTORSGROUP s.r.l. represents a step-forward for next generation, easy and quick, personal and private mobility helicopters, and their 250-G Eagle is a prime example. The team at Savback Helicopters AB is excited with our new partnership with GC ROTORSGROUP s.r.l.. We are confident that together as partners, we’ll be able to provide a next-generation experience that brings freedom of movement, security, low cost, high reliability and low consumption rate.” – Michael Savbäck, Founder and Head of Sales, Savback Helicopters AB

“The GC ROTORSGROUP s.r.l. is really excited to have finally found in Savback Helicopters AB the right commercial partner for the worldwide distribution of our innovative G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter. Following multiple distribution offers, we considered Savback Helicopters the only company in line with our principles and therefore we are proud to entrust the Savback family and its team with the important and demanding task of conveying this technology, the result of years of research, passion and dedication, creating a high performance product with a strictly Made in Italy design.” – Claudio Grillo, CEO GC Rotorsgroup s.r.l.

“Our ambition has always been to create a helicopter with high safety margins, versatile, low consumption, technologically advanced and with excellent performance that could fully satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers that today will finally be able to pilot an aircraft Italian brand (GHT), unique in the world conceived and created by the passion of an Italian family.” – Claudio Grillo, CEO GC Rotorsgroup s.r.l.

“At Savback Helicopters AB we take pride in providing a service that is customized to each unique company, organization and individual. The Ultra-Light helicopters are going to change and open up the helicopter market. For us, GC ROTORSGROUP s.r.l. is an excellent choice to take this step into the future, their expertise and dedication to deliver quality Ultra-Light helicopters has pushed the market forward. Savback Helicopters AB is happy to bring this unique experience, to our global partners.” – Reja Savbäck, CEO, Savback Helicopters AB

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