Rooivalk retractable gun turret system under development

Rooivalk retractable gun turret system under development

7-Nov-2019 Source: Armscor

The SAAF Rooivalk Combat Support Helicopter (CSH) employs a chin mounted 20mm cannon. The helicopter main rotor blades kick up a lot of dust as a result of downwash during take-off and landing. Some of this dust is then ingested into the chin mounted cannon. As a result, the cannon has proven unreliable due to the dust particle ingestion during take-off and landing. This has caused the gun to stop functioning, which could result in a loss of personnel and aircraft during battle. A solution to this problem is the ability to retract the cannon during take-off and landing so as to protect the gun mechanisms from dust particles. As a result, a retractable gun turret system technology demonstrator is being developed to retract and cover the gun mechanism during take-off and landing. The retractable gun technology demonstrator was successfully demonstrated during 2018/19 financial year.

Text from ARMSCOR 2018/9 Annual Report


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