Leonardo provides update on AW609 tiltrotor training

Leonardo provides update on AW609 tiltrotor training

28-Jan-2020 Source: Leonardo

Developing and fielding state of the art, industry transforming aircraft such as the AW139, has become a matter of routine for Leonardo. This trend continues with the recently fielded AW169 light intermediate twin-engine helicopter, and soon to enter market AW609 tiltrotor. Over the last year, concurrent with aircraft development activities, Leonardo launched an initiative to develop high quality, realistic training for the AW609 tiltrotor, including the production of the first AW609 full flight simulator.

Jointly developed by Leonardo and CAE at the highest Level D classification, the full flight simulator is nearing completion. Based on the CAE 3000 Series , the simulator will be operated by Rotorsim, the joint venture owned equally by CAE and Leonardo. In order to maximize flexibility, the simulator incorporates a “roll on, roll off” feature designed to allow for a quick interchange between AW609 and AW169 cockpits.

Expected to be delivered in summer 2020 to Leonardo’s new Training Academy in Philadelphia, the new AW609 simulator will soon also be joined by Rotorsim’s existing AW139 simulator in the United States. The combined AW609/AW169 simulator is a cornerstone of the rapid expansion of training capabilities at Leonardo’s new Training Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The arrival of this device represents a significant increase in the range of Leonardo’s US training capabilities, and allows for US operators to train domestically across more of the product line.
The simulator features Leonardo-developed and approved flight dynamics and performance models, avionics and aircraft software modelling, combined with core simulation technologies from CAE, including: CAE True six degree-of-freedom (DOF) electric motion system and high-performance vibration platform to replicate either helicopter or tiltrotor aerodynamic cues to pilot and environment inputs in demanding Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios.

The new full flight simulator incorporates a 220°x75° Field of View, direct projection visual displays, and high resolution imagery generated by the CAE Medallion image generator to provide the most realistic training experience possible. Customers seeking an initial AW609 Type Rating, initial AW169 training, or recurrent training for rated pilots in either aircraft, will be able to practice all the required operational tasks and procedures in normal, abnormal, and

emergency conditions in any phase of flight. The Night Vision Goggle capable visual system and interchangeable cockpits provide real-time and accurate representations of aircraft systems, operations, and indications in all operating modes.

Full flight simulator completion and certification will mark a major milestone for the AW609 program, and will complete the comprehensive suite of training solutions for the AW609 under development by Leonardo.

In addition to the AW609 Full Flight Simulator, customers will experience high fidelity training on the AW609 Virtual Enhanced Training Device (VETD). A state of the art flight training device utilizing real aircraft parts and panels to replicate the cockpit of the real aircraft to produce an enhanced training environment, similar to higher qualified FTD’s.

Other innovations include the AW609 Distance Learning and E-Learning package, the smart-classroom training complemented with AW609 Interactive Computer Based Training and Virtual Cockpit Trainer as well as a full AW609 Maintenance Training Bay for technicians.

The comprehensive training packages, coupled with the latest innovations in flight simulation technology, ensures customers graduate with complete confidence in their knowledge and capabilities in the full range of aircraft flight operations.



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