Innovative Technology for Training IIMC in the Aircraft

Innovative Technology for Training IIMC in the Aircraft

5-Feb-2020 Source: AT Systems

AT Systems, LLC is proud to be invited to demonstrate new training technology at HeliExpo. AT Systems has patented a device that trains pilots for degraded visual environment during normal training flights. The device can be seen at the Safety Town Hall and in several exhibits. This totally unique device is the latest technology in training for low visibility events such as Inadvertent IMC, brown-out or white-out conditions. The device originally designed for military training, attaches to a helmet without modification and produces a degraded visual environment controlled by an instructor-operated iPad.

This mode of training allows the pilot to experience both simulated visibility and the actual sensations the body feels during forward flight. While flight simulators reduce visibility and give the illusion of movement, the ATS device provides reduced visibility while actually moving increasing the likelihood of visual and vestibular illusions. The pilot gets the actual aircraft motion during flight. Through internal safety sensors the system is removed from the pilots field of view if predefined conditions are exceeded, restoring an unobstructed view for aircraft recovery. The unit can be used anytime during a training flight, including during NVG training.

Effective real-world training will decrease high accident rates occurring in reduced visibility environments. This new technology will be affordable and easy to use and provides the most effective training for a degraded visual environment.

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