French Navy Tests New Navalized Version Of AS365 Dauphin SAR

French Navy Tests New Navalized Version Of AS365 Dauphin SAR

15-May-2020 Source: French Navy

[electronic translation] This very first embarkation of a “N ” dolphin marks the culmination of the long shipyard of these aircraft which began in 2013. The navalization includes administrative and technical work which allows the aircraft to be implemented from the sea. This decision was taken in particular to prepare for the withdrawal of active service from the Alouette IIIs , and to limit the risk of capacity disruption before the arrival of the HILs.

In view of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unprecedented context in which this boarding takes place makes it all the more emblematic. From the preparation phase, drastic measures were taken both by the ship and by the detachment to minimize the risk of contamination during this trip to the sea.

This embarkation offers the crew of La Fay ette the opportunity to benefit from a helicopter detachment which presents notable differences with the Panther , and thus to demonstrate its adaptability, and moreover to take in particular the progress to the landing of an additional crew of the Flottille 35F . It symbolizes the dynamic of reconquering the buildings of the Naval Action Force which should increase with the imminent arrival of the interim fleet.

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