DRF Luftrettung retains Christoph 80 contract from April 2021

DRF Luftrettung retains Christoph 80 contract from April 2021

12-Aug-2020 Source: DRF Luftrettung

For the next five years, DRF Luftrettung will continue to operate “Christoph 80”, the rescue helicopter stationed at Latsch airfield in Weiden. The Association for Rescue Service and Fire Brigade (ZRF) Nordoberpfalz has confirmed the contract for the operation of the DRF Luftrettung.

The decision on the award procedure for the air rescue location Weiden has been made: The Association for Rescue Service and Fire Brigade (ZRF) Nordoberpfalz has awarded the contract for the operation of the rescue helicopter “Christoph 80” to the DRF Luftrettung. The non-profit organization will therefore continue to operate the red and white machine for the next five years from April 1, 2021. The assignment is automatically extended once for another five years until March 31, 2031 at the latest if the ZRF Nordoberpfalz does not terminate the contract in advance in writing.

Dr. Peter Huber , board member of DRF Luftrettung, is pleased about this expression of confidence in the work of the red and white air rescuers:

This shows that our partners in the region recognize and appreciate the outstanding work of our crews here in Weiden.

We look forward to being available with our helicopter for emergency rescue and the fast and gentle transport of seriously ill and injured people in the coming years and thus to make our contribution to emergency medical care in the Free State of Bavaria. “The rescue helicopter” Christoph 80 “is ready from sunrise (7 a.m. at the earliest) to sunset plus 30 minutes for operations in the region and throughout Bavaria and was last alerted more than 1,200 times a year for often life-saving operations.

Pattern change to H145
On April 1, 2021, DRF Luftrettung will also switch to an H145 helicopter . So far, an EC135 has been used in Weiden. “We are very pleased that in the foreseeable future we will also be able to put an H145 into operation in Weiden, the most modern helicopter currently used in air rescue. Just a look into the glass cockpit shows the difference to the previous machine: All flight data – for example on the engines or the flight position – are shown to the pilots on large-format displays, “explains Dr. Huber. The four-axis autopilot, which can automatically take over the control functions, also relieves the pilot. The pilots can quickly identify changing weather conditions on the weather radar.

In the cabin, the new interior concept co-developed by DRF Luftrettung offers more space for the crew and thus improves patient care even more. Another advantage: The sheathed tail rotor, the so-called Fenestron, is quieter, better protected against damage and offers rescue workers more safety on the ground.

The Weiden air rescue station
On April 1, 2011, DRF Luftrettung put the newly established rescue helicopter station in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate into operation with an EC135 helicopter . The Weiden helicopter can reach emergency locations within a radius of 60 kilometers in a maximum of 15 flight minutes. The area of ​​application for intensive care transports extends to northern Bavaria. In addition, around 20 percent of the area of ​​operation is in the Czech Republic.

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