Flyjets adds helicopters to travel planning system

Flyjets adds helicopters to travel planning system

26-Jan-2021 Source: FLYJETS

FLYJETS, an innovative aviation marketplace and travel planning system, has launched its Version 2.0 web application with a new fleet of features for charter jets and helicopter flights. FLYJETS is the product of FLY I Corporation (d/b/a FLYJETS), a New York State Benefit Corporation with the goal of facilitating access to air travel. The company is focused on aircraft utilization, sustainability and vehicles of the future.

FLYJETS is the first business-to-consumer and business-to-business application that utilizes proprietary aircraft data, dynamic location sourcing, distance and time to automate non-scheduled flights anywhere in the world. The FLYJETS system utilizes the benefits of automation and technology-enabled network effects to guarantee the lowest point-to-point charter rates available and enable travelers to take full advantage of “empty leg” discounts. “Empty legs,” or, as FLYJETS has coined them, “Charter Flights,” are flights that need to move in specific directions with or without passengers, and are therefore often priced at significant discounts. For instance, oftentimes, when a charter aircraft is booked for a round-trip flight, the plane does not stay at the destination airport; rather, it flies to and from its “home base” location after passengers are dropped off. Thus, a “two leg” trip is often, in reality, a “four leg” trip.

“With the release of our new features, FLYJETS is increasingly focused on providing value to Flyers and Aircraft Providers via a unique software platform,” said FLYJETS Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jessica Fisher. “FLYJETS is modernizing and democratizing access to air travel, and we are effectively preparing for the future of flight – for the forthcoming personal planes, eVTOL aircraft, consumer flying and piloting needs of the future. We aim to grow our offerings in keeping with advancements in technology and transportation.”

This year, as consumer flyers increasingly turn to charter aviation in an effort to reduce contact points, the travel industry is pivoting to provide new options. As charter aviation becomes a necessity product for many travelers, FLYJETS maintains three primary objectives:

(1) To make the air charter industry more accessible: less expensive, more efficient and more transparent,
(2) To enable increased utilization rates for Aircraft Providers, and
(3) To integrate a multitude of aircraft booking options into one comprehensive platform.

FLYJETS membership is FREE, with no upfront payment required. Members can take advantage of round-trip, single-trip and group booking capabilities on featured charter flights and commercial routes. With respect to air charter, the application utilizes a variety of technology-based features to help “match” flyers on similar and opposing routes, thereby helping Flyers to defray costs – via “‘charter flight,’ or empty-leg, match-ups” – and, when possible, enabling discounts of as much as fifty percent below ordinary retail pricing.

The FLYJETS team provides both real-time booking support and, as an IATA-registered travel agency, full travel-planning services, including hotels and cars.

With each successful booking, FLYJETS members earn FLYRewards, or currency-equivalent points towards future flights. Those users who opt in to FLYGreen with carbon offsets – and, in the future, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other green fuel alternatives – are rewarded with extra FLYRewards.

“At its core, FLYJETS is a benefit corporation – we actively endeavor to deliver positive impact, and our environmental, social and governance goals are inherent in everything we do,” Fisher explained. “We hope to set a standard for business model generation in the future.”

FLYJETS’ FLYRewards system and FLYGreen Energy Initiative are intended tot effectively establish the world’s first carbon offset and, ultimately, green fuel subsidy. Specifically, the system will enable those FLYJETS members who choose to offset their flight – and, in the future, fly with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and green fuel alternatives – to earn additional currency-equivalent points toward future bookings, above the number of FLYRewards that they ordinarily achieve with each flight booking.

As for future initiatives, an electronic auction (bid-offer) system for charter flights is currently in the works, in order to provide even better economics and pricing incentives for Flyers and Aircraft Providers. A dedicated FLYJETS mobile application will also be released in the coming months.

In keeping with its focus on sustainability and future flight, the company will also be releasing a “Future Flight, Space and Sustainability” interview series with up-and-coming and established headliners in the aviation, space and alternative energy industries.

Ultimately, FLYJETS intends to streamline the process of flying, owning, operating, storing and maintaining aircraft – and to pave the way for the future of flight.

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