New EMS base planned in Finnish town of Seinäjoki

New EMS base planned in Finnish town of Seinäjoki

29-Jan-2021 Source: FinnHEMS

[electronic translation] FinnHEMS, which is responsible for nationwide medical helicopter operations, the Southern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and the Pirkanmaa Hospital District have begun joint planning and work to establish a Seinäjoki base. ​The goal is to start operations by the end of 2022.

We work together and each actor separately to open a base. ​The construction of the base building, the recruitment and training of first aid and flight personnel, as well as the acquisition of equipment are ahead of the project as large entities, says ​Jari Huhtinen, ​CEO of FinnHEMS ​ ​.

The base will be built in the area of ​​Seinäjoki Airport in Ilmajoki’s Rengonharju. ​FinnHEMS has acquired a plot of land that enables smooth flight operations and is also functional for road traffic. ​

It is expected to be built in the autumn summer

After the ongoing architectural design, FinnHEMS will launch a tender for the builder of the base building during the spring. ​The building will have similar functions to, for example, the base opened in Kuopio in 2019. ​

The building consists of crew quarters and a helicopter and garage hall. ​In addition to on-call and rest areas, the crew compartment also has training and office facilities as well as warehouses. ​The design of the premises takes into account the special nature of the operations and the needs of the on-call work, among other things, to guarantee restorative rest. ​

The medical helicopter base is operational around the clock

– When the medical helicopter operation starts, the whole of Ostrobothnia will bring a patient to the site to help the team, which is familiar with the care and transport of the emergency patient. ​The unit is also intensifying regional co-operation, says ​Heini Elo, ​chief physician of emergency care in the Southern Ostrobothnia Hospital District ​ ​.

There is already a medical unit in the Southern Ostrobothnia Hospital District moving along the country in Seinäjoki, which is on standby every day from 8 am to 8 pm. ​When the base starts, the operation of the medical unit merges with it. ​

However, the primary purpose of the helicopter is not to transport the patient, but to the emergency room quickly to the patient.

A minimum of 15 to 20 people are needed to run the base: paramedics, pilots and flight assistants (HCMs) and maintenance professionals. ​

All those working at the base are trained in HEMS, or medical helicopter operations. ​FinnHEMS and the hospital districts do the personnel planning for the base and prepare for staff recruitment and training. ​The start of recruitment will be announced later. ​


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