Bell Training Academy Takes Customers through Autorotations in Virtual Demonstration

Bell Training Academy Takes Customers through Autorotations in Virtual Demonstration

27-May-2021 Source: Bell

After a year of navigating the limits and restrictions enacted by COVID-19 protocols, the Bell Training Academy (BTA) instructors continuously seek innovative ways to connect with customers. As global travel came to a sudden halt, our world-class team carried on with virtual training to keep our customers’ rotorcraft knowledge up to date. Recently, the BTA hosted an “Executing Autorotations” webinar to educate customers on the nuances of this critical pilot maneuver.

Our instructors talked through the entire experience of an autorotation: starting with engine failure and moving on to regaining control of the aircraft, locating a landing position and lastly, safely landing the aircraft. To date, nearly 550 participants joined or have watched the webinar from more than 47 countries. They shared their overwhelmingly positive reactions with the BTA following the seminar:

“I am now so encouraged to go back and do refresher at BTA albeit the COVID problem.”

“Excellent. For me, the Bell Training Academy is the major league of the helicopters. I hope to return again.”

“Thanks. Difference between aim point and landing point became clearer to me today after 40 years of helicopter flying.”

“Thank you for offering this webinar. Look forward to other ones in the future.”

In the future, the Bell Training Academy will continue to deliver engaging, educational training through virtual outlets or even in-person as the world begins to gradually reopen. The success of this recent webinar highlights the strong relationships Bell maintains with our global customers and demonstrates our dedication to furthering their passion and knowledge of vertical lift.

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