Ka-62 Gets Improved Equipment Management System

Ka-62 Gets Improved Equipment Management System

15-Jun-2021 Source: Rostec

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) of Rostec State Corporation will showcase an improved equipment management system for Ka-62 multipurpose helicopters in the international air show MAKS-2021. The updated system will reduce crew workload and overall weight of the helicopter’s systems, also making them easier to maintain. 

The General Helicopter Equipment Management System (SUOVO) was developed by Aeropribor-Voskhod JSC of KRET specifically for Ka-62. It includes switching units, remote signal concentrator units and control panels, working as central control hub for over 30 separate systems, a ‘heart’ of the power supply for all on-board avionics of the helicopter. 

After the system was initially presented, the designers took in lots of feedback from operators and pilots for improvements. For example, the tilt angle and shape of the overhead control panel and dashboard were changed, making them easier to operate and saving important decision-making time while flying. 

“The upgraded SUOVO system has allowed to significantly improve the operational characteristics of the multipurpose helicopter by reducing crew workload, lowering the weight of the onboard equipment and facilitating the maintenance process. Currently, three Ka-62 helicopters are being tested. By the end of the year, we plan to produce three sets of SUOVOs and transfer them for flight and qualification tests”, said General Director of KRET, Nikolai Kolesov. 

Key functions of SUOVO include distribution of electrical power to onboard systems and the provision of an alarm/warning system. The remote signal concentrator unit included in the system has an open modular design. The open architecture of the blocks allows creating devices with the necessary functionality and sufficient degree of redundancy that still allows to keep the weight of equipment, energy consumption and its cost in check. 

As a constant participant in the international MAKS air show, during this year’s event Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies will showcase around 200 products from leading Russian enterprises of the radio-electronic industry, among which there will be about 20 innovative new designs.

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