FXAIR launches NYC-Hamptons S76 packages with guarantees

FXAIR launches NYC-Hamptons S76 packages with guarantees


FXAIR, the premium on-demand charter provider, has launched an all-inclusive fixed-price 10-pack of helicopter trips to the Hamptons this summer. This guaranteed helicopter transfer service between New York City helipads and destinations in eastern Long Island’s Hamptons will be operated by Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), the premier provider of executive Sikorsky helicopter service in the greater New York area and FXAIR’s sister company within Directional Aviation’s OneSky Flight family of private air travel providers.

Flights to the Hamptons will take off from New York City’s Downtown Heliport, East 34th Street Heliport and West 30th Street Heliport. The Hamptons destinations include West Hampton, East Hampton, Montauk and Southampton (Dune Road).

“Long Island’s notorious summer traffic is the biggest headache for those traveling to and from the Hamptons. The Hamptons 10-Pack enables them to fly over the traffic, should they need a quick hop departing a few blocks from their home or place of work in the city, or are transferring from an FXAIR-procured jet to an Associated Aircraft Group Sikorsky helicopter,” said Gregg Slow, FXAIR’s President. “The Hamptons 10-Pack is the cure for the common traffic jam, giving families and busy workers more time on the beach and less time sitting in more than 100 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic.”

Among the features of the Hamptons 10-Pack:

  • One-way travel time typically is 35 minutes in the air, depending on the destination, versus a car trip that can take up to four hours each way on the days surrounding summer weekends.
  • AAG is known as the premier operator of helicopter service in the region. It will operate the Hamptons 10-Pack service, originating from primary New York City helipads, with its fleet of luxurious, twin-engine Sikorsky S-76 helicopters. The leading executive helicopter on the market, the S-76, seats six with a crew of two pilots.
  • FXAIR will guarantee availability for the Hamptons 10-Pack with 48 hours’ notice; requests within 48 hours prior to departure time will be as available and via all efforts to provide service.
  • The Hamptons 10-Pack is not a seat-sharing program, and ensures privacy, safety and security by limiting seating on each trip to members of the same party.
  • The service is available to all FXAIR members. FXAIR members flying in from out of town can have transfer arrangements made between their arrival airport and the nearest helipad. Ground transportation arrangements can be made for New York-area members.
  • Two all-inclusive fixed fees cover 10 one-way trips that may be used in any season over a two-year period.
    • The NYC to Westhampton and Southampton 10-pack fee is set at $69,900.
    • The NYC to East Hampton and Montauk 10-pack is set at $84,900.

For more information on the Hamptons 10-Packs, call (866) 726-1222, visit FXAIR.com or download the FXAIR mobile app.

Sustainable Convenience: Hamptons 10-Pack flights fully emissions-neutral at a 4AIR Level 2 (Silver) rating

FXAIR has partnered with 4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, to offset the emissions of carbon and other pollutants associated with climate change for all helicopter travel under the Hamptons 10-Pack.

Under the partnership, FXAIR will purchase carbon credits through 4AIR that will offset the pollutants emitted by Hamptons 10-Pack fights. The credits will fund real-world projects that reduce carbon emissions globally, including renewable energy, the enhancement of carbon-absorbing forests and projects that provide long-term social, community and economic development. The carbon offsets will be purchased at no cost to clients.

4AIR’s framework offers four increasingly progressive levels of sustainability. 10-Pack flights purchased through FXAIR will meet the requirements for 4AIR’s Level 2 (Silver), which offsets not only carbon dioxide emissions but also non-carbon warming pollutants such as water vapor, aerosols, and nitrous oxides, making the Hamptons 10-Pack operations fully emissions-neutral.

In addition, through 4AIR’s book and claim program, 1% of the fuel for all helicopter travel as part of the Hamptons 10-pack will be Sustainable Aviation Fuel, which has lower life-cycle emissions than conventional aviation fuel.

“Many of our clients have a strong commitment to fostering sustainability in their own lives, and our partnership with 4AIR allows them to act on that commitment in their travels this summer,” said Slow. “They can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of flying to the Hamptons knowing that the climate change impacts of their flights are completely offset.”

FXAIR: The leader in premium on-demand charter service

Midtown Manhattan-headquartered FXAIR offers an alternative to both commercial airline travel and ordinary private air travel charter service: Private jet travel with the flexibility of charter, access to a consistently reliable network of premium aircraft and a higher, more refined level of service. Launched in 2020, in partnership with sister company and leading global fractional provider Flexjet, FXAIR was an instant success, since having arranged more than 5,300 premium on-demand charter flights for more than 21,000 passengers to 640 destinations.

“As more businesses, individuals and families chose to fly privately, during the pandemic, we saw a need to take the unpredictable mentality out of on-demand private air charter to retain those new entrants to our industry and offer the most venerable charter customers the on-demand private air travel solution they deserve,” said Slow. “FXAIR’s premium charter on-demand has been wildly appealing to individuals and businesses that appreciate the on-demand charter model for the flexibility it affords them, but also desire access to a consistent network of premium aircraft, service and safety that can often be lacking across the fragmented charter market.”

FXAIR has continued its growth, adding its Aviator Program, offering clients preferred access to second-generation fractional aircraft even on peak travel days and an unmatched flying experience that also includes complimentary catering and domestic Wi-Fi; shortened call-out and cancellation times; streamlined bookings and payments; and access to dedicated 24/7 FXAIR travel advisors to simplify each flight.

In addition, FXAIR’s network of premium aircraft includes the Bombardier Challenger 300 and the Global Express, second-generation fractional aircraft that are available for charter only through FXAIR and operated by sister company Flexjet. The FXAIR network also includes individually curated aircraft ranging in size from light cabin to ultra-long-range. Operators within the FXAIR network are carefully vetted to meet the charter industry’s highest standards of safety and quality.

Clients can charter their next flight with FXAIR by downloading the FXAIR app for iPhone® or Google Android, going online to FXAIR.com or calling 866-726-1222. The FXAIR mobile app is available on the App Store® and Google Play Store.1 To activate an Aviator account, visit FXAIR.com/Aviator-Program.


Founded in 2020, FXAIR is the only charter provider offering on-demand charter access to premium light cabin, mid cabin, super mid cabin, large cabin and ultra-long range aircraft including the Challenger 300 and Global Express. FXAIR’s Aviator Program offers clients preferred access to these aircraft, even on peak travel days, along with a host of other benefits. The FXAIR network of aircraft comes from providers who meet the most stringent safety standards in the private aviation industry, standards that often exceed the FAA’s regulations. FXAIR upholds a 4Air Bronze Sustainable Rating. FXAIR is headquartered in New York, New York, and is a member of the Directional Aviation family of companies. For more details on aircraft and programs, visit www.fxair.com and follow @FlyFXAIR on Twitter and Instagram.

About AAG

AAG has flown more than 65,000 safe flying hours and has more than 30 years of experience providing helicopter charter, fractional ownership and helicopter maintenance services from its New York, Teterboro, Bridgeport, Providence and Philadelphia installations. With the Northeast’s largest fleet of S-76 helicopters, AAG is the only VIP helicopter company to own and operate its own FAA Part 145 maintenance facility and is a Sikorsky Authorized Customer Support Center. AAG has earned the Wyvern Wingman status, the ARG/US Platinum rating, the ACSF IAS Registry and the IS-BAO Stage 3 Registration, which serve as hallmarks of AAG’s commitment to safety. AAG also is approved for DCA operations under the DASSP. For more information, visit www.flyaag.com.

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