Ecocopter implements Flight Data Monitoring across whole fleet

Ecocopter implements Flight Data Monitoring across whole fleet

24-Jun-2021 Source: Ecocopter

The technology in world aeronautics advances and develops in a dizzying way with rapid and profound changes aimed at providing the greatest safety. Thus, in recent times, the use of data and monitoring has developed transversely from operation to maintenance.

Flight safety aims, in addition to safeguarding human lives, to know the causes of a possible incident or air accident, to mitigate risks through verification of procedures and training of crews in order to avoid new events. Investigations related to flight safety are complex and analyze numerous data, being a non-punitive system in order to find the causes for out-of-parameter events, considering human and technical factors, which translates into the basis of “Culture Fair ”.

To precisely increase safety in operations, Ecocopter has marked a milestone in Chilean aeronautics since it has installed the flight data monitoring system or Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) in 100% of its fleet. A proactive and predictive flight data analysis program, which provides the safety management system with the ability to continuously monitor to compare it with standard operating procedures, detect possible areas of risk, determine trends and quantify policy deviations and its limitations.

“This system gives us the possibility of recording and reviewing a large number of flight parameters, such as speed, altitude, inclination, torque, among others, in addition, it allows us to detect exceedances and deviations of operational procedures and aeronautical regulations. In this way we can take corrective actions and also assess trends to establish continuous improvement in our training program ”, says Gianni Di Giammarino, Ecocopter Safety Manager.

Additionally, security is complemented by the periodic reviews to which the aircraft are subjected from time to time, depending on the flight hours or take-offs (cycles), collecting the data and performing statistical analyzes. That is why in the maintenance area, with the FDM system the useful life and performance of various aircraft components can be monitored, allowing maintenance actions to be carried out when necessary and thus, for example, anticipating abnormal trends. such as failures, detect degraded components, among others, and thus prevent complex situations.

“With this system we are consolidating our security measures to provide the best service to our customers. Furthermore, when in the short term, this system will allow us to communicate in real time with the crew through direct satellite communication to the aircraft from a monitoring room in our facilities, which implies live information and direct communication with the central for different cases that may arise and require operational advice. A key variable since the pilot will be able to communicate with the Ecocopter operations center with just one button ”says Gina Guerrero, head of Ecocopter’s FDM.

In short, Ecocopter marks a milestone by incorporating 100% of its fleet with an FDM system, and which will continue to soar through the skies of Chile, Peru and Ecuador increasing safety.

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