NHV issue statement in response to Nigerian press article

NHV issue statement in response to Nigerian press article

19-Aug-2021 Source: NHV Group

NHV has taken notice of a news article in the Sun News Nigeria (dated 16 August 2021) which contains a number of unfounded and potentially damaging accusations against NHV AS (NHV) by our former Nigerian partner Tropical Arctic Logistics (TAL).
In response to the accusations expressed by TAL, NHV formally states that:

“NHV does not have an AOC or a business entity in Nigeria and relies on local partners with the required knowledge and certification to conduct business in Nigeria. TAL was chosen as a local partner on the basis of their AOC and apparent credentials. However, after their AOC was not renewed, NHV chose to move away from TAL at the expiry of the agreement as there was no further value in the relationship and it was not clear when an AOC would be granted or if one would be granted to them at all. NHV understands that while TAL had previously possessed an AOC, at the time of renewal they did not have the required post holders in place for a renewal to be granted.

NHV wholly rejects any accusation of collusion with the NCAA to thwart TAL’s application for an AOC. NHV has no links with the NCAA who NHV know to be an upstanding and professional organisation. Any alleged collusion would also have directly damaged NHV’s own legitimate business interests in Nigeria and accordingly this bizarre and unsubstantiated accusation makes little or no sense. NHV staff worldwide abide by a strict code of conduct and wholly condemn any actual or attempted corruption.

Further to the above, NHV can confirm that the container mentioned in the article was seized due to unpaid customs duties which were due to be paid on NHV’s behalf by TAL but as with many other duties this was not performed by TAL. It should also be added that TAL continues to detain a container owned by NHV at its base in Lagos which contains safety critical parts owned by Leonardo Helicopters. This detention is both illegal and a serious risk to life given the nature of the parts in the container. NHV has made numerous requests to TAL to release these parts but to date they have been met with nothing but threats, intimidation and demands for payment of unfounded debts purportedly owed by NHV to TAL.

NHV is saddened that a fellow operator would seek to tarnish both the reputation of NHV and the NCAA in this way particularly at a time when we should all be working together to ensure the continued success of the aviation market in Nigeria.”

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