Pacific AirHub celebrates successful first year

Pacific AirHub celebrates successful first year

8-Sep-2021 Source: Pacific AirHub

Pacific AirHub, a global leader in aircraft purchasing and sales is celebrating its first birthday. With a physical presence in New Zealand, Australia and Africa, they are leading experts in the aircraft and aircraft part sales industry and have been servicing an international market for a year. On this, the first birthday, the team are reflecting over the year and celebrating the successes that they have achieved over the year. 

It is not an easy feat for a fledgling aviation business to thrive in such a cut-throat industry. The team have also been faced with the challenges of COVID-19, and its impact on global markets and the aviation space as a whole. However, the past year has seen Pacific AirHub succeeding beyond expectation and rising to a dominant position in the aviation space. 

This may be attributed to the fact that each member of the team has about three decades of experience behind them, collectively totalling 100-years between the whole team. This has fast-tracked the company’s success, as they boast a whopping 20 helicopter sales, shipped to 12 countries, in the last year.

Beyond helicopter and parts sales, their services include pre-purchase inspections, aircraft valuation and shipping and logistics (hangar to hangar). Pacific AirHub even offers free sea freight on selected aircraft, setting them apart from their competitors.  

The company started in New Zealand and have since expanded its physical presence into Australia and Africa.

Unlike many aviation companies, Pacific AirHub has a dedicated marketing team focussed on helicopter sales and parts. This full digital marketing service is extended beyond just their company to their clients who mandate them to sell helicopters on their behalf. 

Their year of triumphs do not end at the 20 helicopters sold benchmark. They include:  

  • Worldwide demand for H125 and H130 stock has resulted in almost all of the stock being sold.
  • All 20 helicopters that have been sold, were individually shipped to 12 different countries.
  • The recent sale of a Sheriff B2 to a private owner in South East Queensland, Australia.

In the case of the iconic Sheriff AS350 B2, formerly owned by the Fayette County Sheriff Department as an airborne law enforcement platform, the Pacific AirHub team managed the entire sales and purchase process to its new private owner. They led the comprehensive pre-purchase inspection, conducted detailed video walkthroughs of the aircraft for the buyer, and streamlined the logistics of packing and shipping of this helicopter.

This highly resource-intensive process was just a part of what the team have achieved over the year, and they are proud to have quickly established themselves as an authoritative name in the field. They are already being heralded as experts in the global aviation field by members of the industry. 

The company rapidly evolved their operations to cater for the unique and challenging pressures and demands that COVID-19 has put on the industry. They have pivoted to effectively integrating PPI’s into their offerings, and have streamlined video inspections as the new normal. They have also adopted and heightened RORO to be the preferred shipping method, making for a quicker, safer and more reliable service to their clients.  

With year two promising to be even more successful than the first, Pacific AirHub is the company to turn to for all aircraft and part sales, packing, shipping and PPI stock support and advice. They are looking forward to assisting you to take the next step in your aviation journey. 

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