Moog produces Robinson R44 autopilot

Moog produces Robinson R44 autopilot

30-Sep-2021 Source: Moog

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have partnered in making safety recommendations to reduce fatigue related aviation accidents. While these recommendations have been primarily focused on reducing work hours for pilots, crews, mechanics, air traffic control operators and other key aviation personnel, there are ways that the aviation industry can innovate to contribute to reducing these incidents.*

In response to that need for safer and smarter systems which alleviate pilot fatigue and increase situational awareness, Moog Aircraft has been working on an advanced autopilot system for the Robinson R44 and other rotorcraft. Two years of testing and evolving the technology have culminated in the successful 100% automated flight of a Robinson R44 from take-off to landing.

The technology demonstration took place in the state of Ohio in conjunction with several other companies, with the goal of autonomously transporting life-saving material from one location to another, in this case an artificial kidney. Moog’s fully automated flight can be viewed here.

Moog continues to press forward into automating flight and new vehicle concepts as seen by the recent acquisitions of SureFly® ( and most recently Genesys Aerosystems. The Genesys acquisition puts Moog in a unique position to team the Moog innovation work with Genesys Aerosystems’ proven products and expertise. This newly formed team plans on adding to the current Genesys HeliSAS autopilot product line with enhanced capabilities for rotorcraft with improved controls.

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