Oceania Aviation increases composites capabilities through acquisition

Oceania Aviation increases composites capabilities through acquisition

4-Oct-2021 Source: Oceania Aviation

Oceania Aviation has finalised a strategic agreement with both Aero Composites Limited and Aero Design Limited which are based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Under the agreement, Oceania Aviation has purchased the manufacturing equipment of Aero Composites, which will facilitate Oceania’s Part 148 division to set up a new composites production facility in their Ardmore, Auckland base. Aero Design’s Daniel Retief has joined the Oceania team as their new Composites Production Lead, and will be instrumental in setting up the transfer of technology, capability and assets from Aero Composites to Oceania Aviation to facilitate the rollout of their new production capabilities.
Under a new license agreement, Oceania Aviation will manufacture and market the products designed by Aero Design, which will allow innovative new composite developments to be brought to market with greater efficiency and commerciality. Aero Composites will concentrate on product development, prototyping and certification to support Aero Design in bringing new products to the aerospace industry as well as improving on existing composite products, all of which Oceania Aviation will manufacture from their new production facilities.
Oceania Aviation’s Chief Executive Greg Edmonds said that this partnership is a significant opportunity for all three businesses involved, and will provide Oceania Aviation the means to significantly expand on their composite capabilities. The company is already well known for providing composite products via their Part 148 certified Airborne Systems division, which offers industry leading helicopter role equipment to rotary customers globally. Greg adds that the partnership will also complement the growth of Oceania’s Blade Repair & Overhaul division, which provides repair schemes for composite helicopter blades as well as other composite structure repairs. Aero Design’s Chief Design Engineer Dan Retief (also the father of Daniel, who has joined the Oceania team) added that the partnership is good news for customers, as Aero Design will be able to continue to provide the most cost effective design, certification and mod development services while leveraging Oceania Aviation’s manufacturing capabilities for efficient production.

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