Indra to supply H175 sim to Hong Kong Government Flying Service

Indra to supply H175 sim to Hong Kong Government Flying Service

20-Oct-2021 Source: Indra

The Government Flying Service (GFS) company, responsible for the air rescue service in Hong Kong, and the Logistics Department (GLD) of this Government have selected Indra, one of the main global technology and consulting companies, as supplier of the Simulator of Flight and Mission of the H175 Helicopter in an open competition in competition with the main companies in the sector. 

The H175 is a medium transport helicopter with capacity for two pilots and eighteen passengers, it has advanced technology and requires careful instruction to operate.

GFS pilots are permanently prepared to take off and respond to any type of emergency: search and rescue operations, medical evacuation, fighting forest fires or surveillance tasks. They fly day and night, often in bad weather conditions.

Training is a decisive factor for the safety of pilots and the success of the missions they carry out. This has led GFS to choose Indra’s advanced H175 helicopter simulator to reinforce the preparation of its professionals.  

This simulator allows them to define the most effective strategy to follow in each operation and repeat it as many times as necessary until a perfect execution is achieved. On board this system they can be prepared to perform a huge number of tasks: evacuation operations on offshore platforms, landings, rescue in mountain areas, fighting forest fires and evacuation operations after natural disasters.

The system has been developed to facilitate top-level mission training. The pilot is immersed in a virtual world in which authentic scenarios and situations are faithfully reproduced. “We get the pilot to train as if he were performing a real intervention”, explains Luis F. García, Director of Business Development for Training Solutions and Services at Indra

Indra is one of the few manufacturers in the world that equips its systems with the same flight software and avionics systems that real aircraft carry, which ensures the fidelity of the simulator and therefore of the training. The use of simulators accelerates and improves pilot training, reinforces safety and contributes to extending the life cycle of aircraft, reducing breakdowns and reserving their use for real operations. It also reduces unnecessary fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Indra’s systems train military helicopter pilots such as the NH90, Tigre, Cougar, Chinook, Blackhawk and Seahawk, AW159 Wildcat or MH53. In the civil field, it has helicopter simulators for the EC135, H225, H175, AS350, H145, EC145, Bell212, Bell412 and Sikorsky S76. To these systems are added simulators for fixed-wing aircraft as advanced as those of the A400M or Eurofighter, among others, or the A320, Boeing 737 or ATR 72 passenger aircraft. 

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