Upgraded Ka-226T helicopter made its first flight

Upgraded Ka-226T helicopter made its first flight

10-Nov-2021 Source: Russian Helicopters

The deeply modernized Ka-226T light helicopter, which is being developed by the Russian Helicopters holding of the State Corporation Rostec, has started flight tests and made its maiden flight at the Mil and Kamov flight test complex of the National Helicopter Engineering Center. This is the first Russian rotorcraft, the design documentation of which was fully digitalized.

Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding, reported on the progress of the project to modernize the Ka-226T light helicopter during a working meeting with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. For the first time, the upgraded helicopter was presented at the international aerospace show MAKS-2021, and the international premiere of the updated Ka-226T will take place at the upcoming Dubai Airshow 2021, which will take place from November 14 to 18 in Dubai (UAE).

“The newest Ka-226T is the first helicopter in Russia, all design documentation of which was conducted digitally. This made it possible to significantly reduce the time to create the machine and to start flight tests in a short time. At the end of this week, the updated Ka-226T will debut at international exhibitions as part of Dubai Airshow 2021, and we are confident that it will arouse genuine interest among foreign customers due to its excellent flight performance, allowing it to operate at altitudes up to 6.5 kilometers, versatility, and convenience. and safety ”, – said in the aviation cluster of Rostec .

Due to its key feature – its adaptability to high altitude flights – the Ka-226T modernization project received the working title “Climber”. It differs from previous models of the Ka-226 family by a new airframe and fuselage design with significantly increased aerodynamic characteristics. The body is made using modern lightweight materials. The carrying system of the machine was also significantly updated – the Ka-226T received a new main rotor column, blades and main gearbox, a shock-resistant accident-resistant fuel system was installed that meets increased safety requirements.

Also, the helicopter is equipped with a new complex of flight-navigation and radio communication equipment, it can optionally be equipped with oxygen equipment, ballonets, air conditioning and heating system.

The Ka-226T has a coaxial rotor design, which provides good controllability in rarefied air, resistance to strong crosswinds, high climb rate, the ability to take off and land on sites located at high altitudes. Also, the Ka-226T helicopter is highly effective when flying over water surfaces. It can take off and land on the deck of even small sea vessels.

The machine is distinguished by a low vibration level, ease and simplicity of control, the ability to take off and land on sites of minimal dimensions (including in urban infrastructure), high hovering accuracy even when working with a load on an external sling, safety of passengers boarding when the propellers are working.

Serial production of the upgraded Ka-226T helicopter is planned to begin in 2022 at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant in close cooperation with the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise.

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