Attack helicopter Mi-28NE makes first demo flights outside Russia

Attack helicopter Mi-28NE makes first demo flights outside Russia

16-Nov-2021 Source: Russian Helicopters

As part of the flight program of the international exhibition Dubai Airshow -2021, the Mi-28NE attack helicopter manufactured by the Russian Helicopters holding (Rostec State Corporation) made its first demonstration flight. Guests and participants could see the complex aerobatics of a combat helicopter with unique maneuverability.

The famous Russian attack helicopter Mi-28 in export modification debuted at Dubai Airshow-2021. This is his first show outside of Russia. The family of Mi-28 helicopters is called “Night Hunters” (according to NATO classification – Havoc – “Ravager”). The Mi-28 was adopted by the Russian army as the main attack helicopter of the Aerospace Forces. In the skies of Dubai, “Night Hunter” has shown its outstanding flight performance. The Mi-28 can perform a number of aerobatics, except for it, available only to aircraft.

Many aerobatics were performed at minimum altitudes and speeds, which is especially important for the survivability of the helicopter in real combat conditions. Under the control of Honored Test Pilot Hero of Russia Sergei Barkov, the Mi-28NE demonstrated combat turns, dives, slides, tail flight, hovering and climbing with rotation.

The pilots demonstrated the vehicle’s dynamic capabilities, its stability in the air and controllability. The combat properties of the “Night Hunter” have been significantly expanded due to its maneuverability. He is able to quickly approach the target even with active maneuvering.

The Mi-28 attack helicopter has a powerful armament system, which includes a movable automatic 30-mm cannon with a left-right swing range of ± 110, anti-tank guided missiles of three types with a range of 6 and 10 kilometers, guided air-to-air missiles, unguided missiles of two types, suspended cannon containers, aerial bombs up to 500 kg.

The rotor blades of the “Night Hunter” are capable of withstanding the impact of a 30 mm projectile. Its engines of increased power – 2,400 horsepower each. Flight with one engine is possible if the other is damaged. “Night Hunter” has high survivability. The windshield and side windows of the cockpit are armored. The Mi-28NE cockpit is protected by ceramic armor. The Mi-28NE is capable of effectively performing the assigned tasks in hot climates. It is equipped with a new screen-exhaust and dust protection device.

The Mi-28NE is manufactured at the Rostvertol enterprise, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding.

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