Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate two Virtual Reality Helicopter Flight Simulators

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate two Virtual Reality Helicopter Flight Simulators

20-Nov-2021 Source: VRM Switzerland

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate a Robinson R22 and an Airbus H125 Training Device from VRM Switzerland. The Robinson R22 Training Solution will be utilized to modernize basic helicopter pilot training within the Academy. Students can benefit from state-of-the-art training up to commercial operations. The Airbus H125 Simulator will enable training and checking of commercial pilots. All this improves flight safety, is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Improving flight safety by targeted crew training  

“Heli Austria is constantly searching for innovative solutions to improve flight safety throughout the entire helicopter industry. To reduce the environmental pollution is another objective of the company. With the Training Solution from VRM Switzerland, we have found a product which also supports our efforts in a cost-efficient manner.” says Roy Knaus, CEO of Heli Austria.

“I expect an increase in the quality of our training as a simulator enables reliable planning at any time of the day. No transition flights are necessary, and scenarios can be trained that meet the requirements of the respective crew member. Manoeuvres and emergency situations can be trained in this simulator which are too risky in the real helicopter. For operations, it is very important that our teams can do their job to the best of their ability. We want our crews to return safely every evening.” adds Philipp Köhle who is responsible for the Crew Training.

From student pilot to commercial pilot

“It is difficult to find qualified helicopter pilots. For this reason, Heli Austria operates its own Flight Academy to give young talents the opportunity for a continuous career as a pilot and our company long-term employees. It is important to us that pilots have a positive attitude towards simulator training in a realistic device. The simulators bring us a step closer to achieving this goal” comments Roy Knaus. With the introduction of a Robinson R22 and an Airbus H125 Training Device, Heli Austria Flight Academy covers the entire segment of helicopter operations.

Florian Karst, loadmaster and pilot, says: “I have the opportunity to learn a lot from the experienced pilots. In a simulator, they can show us young pilots what can be done with a helicopter and how to operate it safely. Flying is a constant learning process.”

Simulation in Swiss Quality

VRM Switzerland’s sophisticated overall system creates a full-body immersion. It gives the pilot the feeling of sitting in a real helicopter. The highly dynamic motion platform allows the pilot to precisely feel the finest changes in attitude and touchdown on the ground. A numerical simulation enables the realistic representation of the flight behavior. The cockpit is modeled on the real helicopter. The pilot’s movements are displayed in the VR environment, enabling operation of the cockpit including haptic perception. In addition, the software is optimized for VR glasses. This has the great advantage that the pilot has exactly the same visual representation as in the real helicopter, which is unique.

A wide range of training opportunities

A unique built-in flight assistance system which assists the instructor in guiding students through basic maneuvers enables training to obtain a private pilot’s licence. A wide range of training options are covered, from commercial pilot training to special operations such as external sling load operations (HESLO). Various emergency procedures, including autorotations with landing and tail rotor failure, can be practiced without any risk. The high-resolution 360° 3D visualization system enables demanding mission training to improve the competencies of even highly experienced pilots.

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