Tier 1 Engineering picks magniX power for electric R44s

Tier 1 Engineering picks magniX power for electric R44s


magniX, the company powering the electric aviation revolution, has been selected by Tier 1 Engineering, specialists in the design & development of electric aircraft, to provide magniX electric propulsion units (EPUs) for the clean delivery of life-saving organs.

Tier 1 is developing the electric helicopter, by modification of the Robinson R44, for launch customer Lung Biotechnology PBC, which plans to acquire a fleet of aircraft to fly transplant organs. Tier 1 Engineering will integrate their battery system and the magniX electric propulsion unit onto the helicopters, perform flight testing, and demonstrate compliance to airworthiness standards to obtain a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). Tier 1 Engineering is currently working with the FAA Aircraft Certification Office in Los Angeles on the e-R44 project.

“magniX was chosen as they are leading the industry in the development of aviation-specific electric propulsion, and we recognized that significant progress had been made towards obtaining FAA certification. With magniX’s technology, we are now much closer to obtaining STC approval of the e-R44 and transforming the delivery of life-saving human organs,” said Glen Dromgoole, President of Tier 1 Engineering.

Today, Tier 1 Engineering has taken delivery of the first EPU from magniX, at its Santa Ana, Calif. facility, a major milestone on the path towards achieving the STC. The flight-proven magniX EPUs have been powering all-electric aircraft in flight since December of 2019 and are on course to Part 33 certification with the recent publication of the Special Conditions from the FAA.

“We are now another step closer on this noblest of causes – improving the lives of those in need of organ transplants and doing so at minimal harm to the environment thanks to electric aviation,” said magniX CEO Roei Ganzarski. “A partnership like this speaks volumes to the world-changing applications of electric propulsion technology for aircraft, and this is just the beginning. Together we are committed to ongoing innovation and building a better future for all with clean, quiet, low-cost aviation.”

About magniX
Headquartered in Everett, WA, magniX is on a mission to lead the commercial aerospace and defense industries by providing high-performance, reliable and environmentally friendly propulsion solutions. Developed with proprietary technology, magniX offers a range of revolutionary electric propulsion solutions, including motors and power electronics, which produce zero emissions at lower operating costs. For more information, please visit: www.magnix.aero.

About Tier 1 Engineering
Tier 1 Engineering, is an innovative design and development company, serving the aviation industry, based in Southern California. In 2015, Tier 1 Engineering developed one of the world’s largest battery-powered helicopters, a modified Robinson R44 helicopter. The 2500lb aircraft achieved its first flight in 2016 and currently holds four Guinness World Record titles including, firsts in electric flight, farthest distance and longest duration.

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