“56 Seconds to Live” Safety Course Wins AIN 2021 Top Flight Award

“56 Seconds to Live” Safety Course Wins AIN 2021 Top Flight Award

14-Dec-2021 Source: USHST

Highlighting a collaborative effort between the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST), Helicopter Association International (HAI) and the Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST), Aviation International News has awarded the “56 Seconds to Live” safety course with a 2021 Top Flight Award.
The companion course is a follow-up to the “56 Seconds to Live” safety video. It focuses on unintended flight into instrument meteorological conditions (UIMC) and the one-hour scenario-based training teaches pilots to recognize situations that can lead to UIMC and stop a flight before an accident occurs via sound aeronautical decision-making (ADM). Included in the course are a simulated-accident video and four alternate scenarios demonstrating examples of ADM that would have prevented the accident
Interested pilots can access the program through the USHST’s training course introduction page. Pilots also can access the course through the HAI Online Academy at rotor.org/academy. Users without an HAI Online Academy account will need to register to track their progress and obtain a completion certificate and FAA WINGS credit.
“This award shines a light on all of the work accomplished by our safety professionals who volunteer their time to make the helicopter industry safer,” says Nick Mayhew, Industry Co-Chair for the USHST. “But our work isn’t completed yet. The next phase of the “56 Seconds to Live” effort will be available at the 2022 Heli-Expo in Dallas.”
At the USHST booth at Heli-Expo, helicopter pilots will be able to experience a UIMC scenario in simulators that include virtual reality head-mounted displays provided by Precision Flight Controls, Vrgineers, and Ryan Aerospace.
“UIMC is a killer in our industry,” adds Mayhew. “We want to eliminate this unacceptable hazard by highlighting the benefits of synthetic scenario-based training such as this.”

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