Happy Christmas from the HeliHub.com team

Happy Christmas from the HeliHub.com team


HeliHub.com is now taking our usual seasonal break until Monday 3rd January 2022. Christmas is so much more than “Holidays”, and this is very much a “Happy Christmas” message to our readers and followers. We hope your organisation didn’t get trapped into issuing a watered-down Jesus-ignoring “Happy Holiday” message.

This is the time of year we recognise the birth of Jesus, although Easter is far more important because Christians recognise that Jesus’ death on the cross is what counts. But of course, no death without life, so we celebrate Christmas too, just as other religions have their own celebrations.

And finally, Bible Trivia you won’t find in your crackers…..

  • Q > How many wise men were there?
  • A > We don’t know, as the Bible does not say. It says there were three gifts brought by wise men, but doesn’t say how many of them there were. Any number you come up with is no more than a guess!

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