Astronautics Launches AeroSync Mission Connectivity Solution and Product Line

Astronautics Launches AeroSync Mission Connectivity Solution and Product Line

8-Mar-2022 Source: Astronautics

Astronautics Corporation of America announces the launch of its AeroSync Mission (AEC115) connectivity solution and branding of its AeroSync connectivity product line at HAI Heli-Expo 2022.  AeroSync is a next-generation of secure and integrated connectivity products that enable quick and reliable data transmission for crews and passengers operating in demanding helicopter environments.

AeroSync Mission is a Federal Aviation Administration Technical Standard Order-approved product for both OEM and aftermarket applications.  The lightweight, single-box solution intelligently stores and routes streams of data between aircraft and ground throughout the mission profile.  The system also has in-flight cabin connectivity capabilities.  

Both AeroSync Mission and AeroSync Max (formerly known as AGCS) automatically provide high-speed, air-to-ground data connectivity, securely enabling flight, mission, and maintenance data export and storage services for both new and retrofitted aircraft. 

“AeroSync serves multiple helicopter use cases where onboard Wi-Fi or wired internet connectivity enhances outcomes: whether it’s streaming real-time critical medical information between an onboard medical device and an awaiting hospital trauma team; routing video and location to ground control dispatch; or accessing a corporate server through a web-browser application,” said Matt Frei, Astronautics’ director of connected aircraft solutions.  “Adding the option for in-flight cabin connectivity adds a broadband powerhouse that connects up to 10 client devices, offers worldwide internet and affordable data services, and a Wi-Fi access point extending up to 400 feet from the aircraft for mission connection when on the ground and in the air.”

AeroSync meets the European Union Aviation Safety and Federal Aviation Administration security standards.  

“Security is critical when you have a system that potentially interfaces with primary flight displays,” said Josh Berrian, Astronautics’ senior manager of connected products.  “Astronautics designed AeroSync for line-fit OEM part 29 and 27 rotorcraft applications, meaning that sensitive avionics equipment and data are securely protected by ensuring domain separation between open wireless communication and secured avionics.”

During HAI Heli-Expo 2022, Astronautics will host on-going AeroSync Mission demonstrations at its Booth 4312, highlighting air ambulance, law enforcement/search & rescue, and executive transport use cases.  For example, AeroSync Mission will stream patient cardiac data from Philips’ Tempus Pro AED monitor to its Corsium solution—simulating real-time data transmission between a healthcare team in the air and on the ground.

Astronautics’ AeroSync is the line-fit connectivity solution for Airbus’ new H145 helicopters and referred to as Airbus’ wireless Airborne Communication System (wACS).  

Also during the show, Astronautics will demonstrate its Badger Pro+ integrated flight display system—a line-fit solution for Bell 412/429 helicopters—and its RoadRunner® electronic flight instrument that offers an incremental path to a glass cockpit upgrade.

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