BLR nears FAA Certification for the AH-1 Cobra FastFin+ System

BLR nears FAA Certification for the AH-1 Cobra FastFin+ System

9-Mar-2022 Source: BLR Aerospace

BLR Aerospace has completed all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for its AH-1 Cobra FastFin®+ Performance System, STC issuance is pending.  BLR’s AH-1 FastFin+ System is comprised of aerodynamic modifications to the tailboom and vertical fin, a new modern technology Inlet Barrier Filter, and an innovative modification to the engine oil cooler system.
Performance benefits of the FastFin+ System include an increase in useful load up to 1,100 pounds when engine temperature limited and more than 1,500 pounds when directionally control limited, a 30°C reduction in engine temperature in hot and high conditions, a 10% increase in tail rotor pedal margin in hover and low speed flight when operating in challenging wind conditions, and a significant improvement in engine air filtration extending time between engine overhauls. BLR’s AH-1 FastFin+ Performance System includes new Flight Manual Supplements with increased performance and expanded operational capabilities.
“The BLR FastFin+ system removes nearly all the operating limitations that AH-1 operators and fleets currently face. The FastFin+ System technology has dramatically increased the operating capabilities of the AH-1 Cobra and provides un-paralleled performance found only in modern attack helicopters,” said Mike Carpenter, President of BLR Aerospace, adding that this just another example of how BLR’s patented FastFin® system can dramatically improve the performance of an existing helicopter.

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