EASA suspends Kamov Ka32 type certificate

EASA suspends Kamov Ka32 type certificate

24-Mar-2022 Source: HeliHub.com

EASA has suspended this Type Certificate in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine

The only helicopter currently listed is the Kamov Ka32, used for load lifting and firefighting work in some EASA countries.

Helicopter market intelligence firm Parapex Media notes that this affects 25 helicopters, with the following countries currently having Kamov Ka32s on their registers

  • Bulgaria 5
  • Portugal 5 (all believed to be in long term storage)
  • Spain 13
  • Switzerland 2

EASA has inform all interested parties in the aviation sector of the actions taken by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in implementation of the European Union’s restrictive measures against Russia, as regards EASA applicants and certificate holders. The notice also provides further information on the impact of those restrictive measures on some of the rights and obligations of the aviation undertakings under the aviation safety rules falling under the scope Regulation (EU) 2018/1139. This notice does not address the consequences of the restrictive measures to the extent that they fall outside the scope of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139, such as aircraft finance, brokering and insurance.”

In particular, EASA is:-

  • suspending all the certificates it has issued, including certificates for products, parts and appliances as well as the certificates for organisations and flight simulation training devices, where the holder of the certificate is located or residing in Russia, or otherwise subject to the sanctions.
  • put on hold, until further notice, all investigations in relation to pending certification applications from organisations and persons located or residing in Russia, or otherwise subject to the sanctions.
  • suspending until further notice, all third country operator (TCO) authorisations it has issued under Regulation (EU) No 452/2014 to commercial air transport operators for which Russia acts as the State of the Operator.
  • advising that any existing wet lease or dry lease approvals or code-sharing agreements with aircraft operators of Russia or with respect to aircraft registered in Russia should be revoked or terminated, as applicable.
  • prohibiting EASA type certificate holders and other design approval holders from providing continuing airworthiness support or any other form of technical support to aircraft registered or designed in Russia or operated by an aircraft operator in respect of which Russia acts as the State of Operator

This is a summary from the original document, which should be consulted for the full details.


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