CHC has issues call for papers CHC Safety & Quality Summit 2022

CHC has issues call for papers CHC Safety & Quality Summit 2022

27-May-2022 Source: CHC

CHC Helicopter has issued a call for papers for its annual CHC Safety & Quality Summit.

After a two year hiatus brought about by the global pandemic, CHC will resume its annual Safety & Quality Summit.  The 2022 event will take place in The Westin, Irving hotel in Dallas over the period 11 to 13 October.

The pandemic has (almost inevitably) fed into the theme to be used for the forthcoming event which will explore topics relevant to the theme “Behind the Mask: What is the True Safety Picture?”.  As well as sharing some of the Lessons Learned from the pandemic and how we coped (or otherwise) with such a challenge, we will also explore safety cultures and how to accurately assess them.

Understanding what actually goes on in day-to-day operations should be straightforward but how do we bridge any inevitable ‘gaps’ that exist between those charged with conducting ‘the mission’ and those accountable for oversight?  Some questions that may stimulate discussion:

  • Does what happens on a night-shift or weekend look the same as during the day-shift?
  • Are senior leaders unintentionally sending mixed messages?
  • How do we monitor whether practice matches process?
  • Are there new threats (technical, enterprise, socio-economic) that we have yet to identify?
  • Is the next generation taking a different approach to safety?

Industry and safety professionals interested in presenting at the CHC Safety & Quality Summit are now encouraged to submit abstracts for the event.

Most sessions during the three-day conference will be for 90 minutes with attendance at individual sessions typcially numbering around 20 to 40 people.

The submission form for papers is available at

Submissions should include proposed session titles, descriptions or outlines, objectives and audience benefits, presenter bibliographies, and contact details.

Relevant Topics May Include:

  • Crisis Management
  • Hazard/Risk Management
  • Technology and Safety
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Organizational Leadership and Visibility
  • Human Factors
  • Collaboration on Safety
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Safety Management Tools
  • Safety Culture Measurement

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