HAI Submits Testimony to Congress on FAA Reauthorization

HAI Submits Testimony to Congress on FAA Reauthorization

29-Sep-2022 Source: HAI


HAI President and CEO Jim Viola provided testimony today to the Senate Committee on Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Safety. The Subcommittee is holding a hearing today on “FAA Reauthorization: Integrating New Entrants into the National Airspace System.”

Viola provided the subcommittee written testimony outlining HAI’s priorities for next year’s FAA Reauthorization bill detailing such topics as the safe integration of new aviation technology into the airspace, community compatibility, sustainability, and workforce development.

Importantly, Viola noted HAI’s leadership role for the vertical flight industry including Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). “Our members have been operating vertical flight missions for nearly 75 years. AAM is a new vertical lift mode of transportation, and it makes complete sense for our members to embrace and use this new technology.”

Viola stated, “Today, helicopters are performing many urban air mobility missions that future AAM aircraft will do. Today’s vertical flight industry is AAM, and HAI proudly represents its interest. We strongly support the development, certification, and safe integration of AAM aircraft into the National Airspace System.”

A copy of Viola’s written testimony can be found on HAI’s Advocacy page

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