Korean Police and Fire Depts sign follow-on orders for Surion

Korean Police and Fire Depts sign follow-on orders for Surion

14-Oct-2022 Source: Korea Aerospace Industries


[electronic translation] Government agencies repurchase domestic helicopters that have been verified for perfect mission performance.

‣ Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed a contract with the Public Procurement Service to supply two police helicopters on the 5th and one firefighting helicopter in Gyeongbuk on the 12th. Three units will be delivered in the second half of 2024.

‣ The total contract amount is KRW 70.9 billion, including repair parts, ground support equipment, technical manuals, technical/maintenance support, and education and training.

‣ A KAI official said, “This additional order for Surion is significant in that it not only prevents foreign currency leakage in the king-dollar era, but also adds pride in protecting the safety of the people with our helicopters.”

It seems that government agencies have successfully operated domestic helicopters so far, and the performance, smooth follow-up support, stability and economical aspects have been verified and repurchased.

‣ The police are operating 8 domestic helicopters for each region across the country, and Jeju and Gyeongnam Fire Department are each deploying one domestic fire-fighting helicopter.

‣ In particular, the police helicopter decapitation successfully performed tasks such as anti-terrorism and aerial reconnaissance and security at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the 2019 ASEAN-Korea Special Summit. is proving

‣ In addition, the Jeju fire-fighting helicopter deployed in June 2019 has been deployed to the site more than 200 times in three years, carrying out rescue operations to transport 140 patients to the hospital, and using a hoist to rescue missing persons even in severe weather when a storm warning has been issued. have been rescued

A total of 120 helicopters are used by government agencies. Among them, the number of domestic helicopters including this contract is 23, including 12 police, 5 coast guards, 1 forest, and 5 firefighters.

‣ As KAI is currently negotiating additional contracts with the Coast Guard and Forestry, the number of domestic helicopters used by government agencies is expected to continue to increase.

‣ KAI is strengthening marketing activities for Surion helicopters whose performance has been verified by domestic government agencies, and is expected to gain more momentum in future exports to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

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