Aethon Aerial forms collaboration to define BVLOS operations for UAS

Aethon Aerial forms collaboration to define BVLOS operations for UAS

14-Nov-2022 Source: Aethon Aerial

Aethon Aerial Solutions Inc (Aethon) and AeroVision Canada Inc (AeroVision Canada) announced a long-term research and development collaboration agreement with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (SAIT) Centre for Innovation and Research in Unmanned Systems (CIRUS) and ANAVIA, a Swiss Based manufacture of heavy lift UAS vehicles. The combined initiative will be part of SAIT’s ongoing Cooperation Agreement between Canada and Switzerland related to Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Un-crewed Air Systems (UAS) operations.

Under the Agreement, AeroVision Canada and Aethon will leverage CIRUS’ renowned international reputation and expertise in long endurance RPAS systems and ANAVIA’s recently released HT-100 UAS to begin immediate long-range BVLOS missions for commercial applications related to powerline Inspection and other liner corridors.

The commercialization agreement is between SAIT CIRUS, ANAVIA, a Federally incorporated Swiss Drone Manufacturer, AeroVision Canada a Federally Incorporated Canadian Corporation based in Nova Scotia, and Aethon, a Federally incorporated Canadian Corporation with operations in Ontario Alberta and British Columbia.

In announcing the Agreement, Shahab Moeini, the Operations Manager for CIRUS stated, “We believe the integration of the CIRUS team’s expert knowledge of BVLOS requirements and its proficiency in operating advanced heavy-duty (above 25Kg) long endurance civilian drones, such as the HT-100, provides a unique opportunity for the Aethon-AeroVision team to reduce to practice commercial BVLOS operational requirements to provide drone-based long-endurance powerline inspection and mapping.”

Alastair Jenkins, the CEO of Aethon stated, “The result of this cooperation will be our ability to meet the next generation needs of our existing clients in the electrical utility, oil & gas, transportation, and telecom sectors. We believe combining the CIRUS team’s knowledge and expertise with our own research and development efforts will create a unique opportunity to revolutionize BVLOS operations. Our co-development of technology, hardware, software and operational safety procedures will allow us to offer safe and reliable long-range commercial BVLOS operations globally.

Jon Andri Joerg, CEO of ANAVIA stated, “We developed the HT-100 with the intent of creating a commercially viable Drone with the endurance, reliability and payload capacity to make commercial BVLOS operations possible for qualified aerospace and aviation enterprises, enabling them to commence the next chapter in autonomous flight operations. With a payload capacity of 50KG and an endurance of over three hours, the HT-100 will be able to carry the next generation of inspection and mapping payloads replacing operations previously only possible with manned helicopters.

Trevor Bergmann, the President of AeroVision Canada added, “The industry and Government have for many years espoused the potential long-term benefits that will accrue from Drone operations BVLOS, but improvements in both the technology and regulatory framework were necessary to achieve success. Aethon and AeroVision Canada have cooperated on BVLOS and UAV operations with Transport Canada for over five years and have an established a Cooperation Agreement with Transport Canada related to UAS operations in close proximity to powerlines. This program and the partnerships we have established today will now allow these benefits to be achieved, resulting in improved safety, significantly reduced carbon emissions as well as employment, and economic growth in Canada and Switzerland.”

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