SAFE Structure awarded $1.1M contract for CH-47 fuel tank rollers

SAFE Structure awarded $1.1M contract for CH-47 fuel tank rollers

1-Dec-2022 Source: SAFE Structure Designs

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs was awarded a $1.1 Million dollar contract to supply its patented CH-47 ERFS Tank rollers and shoring system to over 27 United States Army National Guard locations.  With full in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, SAFE is a leader in supplying the Depart of Defense with creative and customizable solutions for just about any project.

SAFE’s Internal Fuel Tank (A.K.A. ERFS) Roller System and Shoring product line is the only patented proprietary roller and shoring systems of its kind.  SAFE offers two options which are the cylinder directional style and the 360 degree multi directional style. The cylinder style roller system allows the Internal Fuel Tank (EFRS) be moved directionally in and out of the aircraft. The 360 degree roller system allows the Internal Fuel Tank (ERFS) to be moved in any direction 360 degrees which allows the user to easily position the tank into exact locations. Additionally, SAFE roller and shoring system is so ergonomically efficient that it reduces the ERFS tank loading man power from 4 crew members down to 2 crew members.

SAFE’s Internal Fuel Tank (A.K.A. ERFS) Shoring System with CELS Technology (Cable Enabled Loading System) offers protection between the CH-47 cargo deck and the ERFS tank roller system, while still maintaining access to the aircraft winch. The aft ramp of the shoring allows for easy loading of the fuel tank when used in combination with S.A.F.E Structure’s Roller System.

This revolutionary design allows passage of the winch cable through the body of the shoring, thus maintaining the maximum potential of the winch without the use of tackle blocks. As an incorporated safety measure, the shoring contains the winch cable protecting crew members in the event of cable rupture. Additionally, items in this product line are fully compatible with the 463-L Cable Enabled Loading System to further promote crew member safety and efficiency. has quickly become a leader in aircraft cargo loading equipment.

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